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What to Ask a Roof Contractor

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Roofing > What to Ask a Roof Contractor
What to Ask a Roof Contractor

Your roof may need to be replaced for a number of different reasons. Perhaps you have owned your home for a good amount of years and they have finally been weathered to the point of needing to be redone. Maybe you live in a state that gets more harshly hit by storms than others and need to repair your roof more frequently. Whatever your reason may be, it is always important that you are aware of what kind of questions you should be asking the person working on your roof.


We have compiled a list that we hope is helpful to you on your search for the perfect roofing contractor. There are all sorts of people out there and some will be more experienced than others. You should look for contractors that are well versed in working with roofing types like your own (same materials/same design).

  1. 1.Always Ask For License/Insurance First

    A professional roofing contractor will always show you their license and insurance first, before you even think of asking. This will show that they know exactly what they are doing and are licensed to do so. If you feel like its necessary, you can call the insurance provider to make sure that their account is still in good standing. You should never hire someone to work on your roof unless you know them personally and trust them completely. The roof is what protects the rest of your house and should be treated with care and importance.

  2. 2.Always Ask for a Written Contract

    You should not ever pay your roofing contractor in full until the entire roof has been finished and has been given a final inspection.

    If something happens to your roof during construction, a verbal agreement/contract will do you no good. Make sure that you have everything you want to happen written down into a contract that both of you should sign. You also should not have to pay cash for the contractor. Watch out for if t is a side business or under-the-table money, you should always have to write a check of some sort for the amount of money that it would take to fix your roof.

  3. 3.Ask About the Process

    Find out from your roofing contractor exactly what will be happening to your house. How much of the roof are they going to try and fix in one day? Do the contractors have enough sheets to cover the roof if there are holes when it is raining? What is the time estimate until there will be no more loud noise from construction? All of these are relevant questions that should be asked whenever you are first hiring a roofing contractor.

  4. 4.Are They Going to Reuse Materials?

    Some roofing contractors end up using old parts from the roofs they take apart. For example, try to make sure that your contractor will be replacing your flashing and vent flanges for the roof. Instead of getting new ones, some contractors will end up using the old materials. Unless you are getting a very minor repair done to your roof, you should always insist that all new flashing should be installed during the process of fixing your roof.

  5. 5.Do Not Pay in Full

    You should not ever pay your roofing contractor in full until the entire roof has been finished and has been given a final inspection. Not until after that final inspection should you pay the entire balance. Again, make sure that the full balance owed is understood at the beginning and if the contractor runs into any additional costs, he/she should run it by you first. The balance should be in part of the final contract that both of you should have signed.


    Hiring a roofing contractor isn’t all that hard, but there are a lot of important questions and things you should know before embarking on your journey. Make sure to research a bit about the company you want to hire. Ask for customer references and for a couple examples of roofing projects the contractor have completed recently that may be similar to yours.

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