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What Color Should I Paint My Room?

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Painting > What Color Should I Paint My Room?
What Color Should I Paint My Room?

Rarely do we think about a room’s color, and although few people realize it we are all subconsciously influenced by color. For example, a light colored room is conducive to a lighter atmosphere. A room with black walls will be depressing. A room with deep earthy shades will appear to be a serious one. Color is often used to deliberately influence the mood of the people in a room. When is the last time you saw a brightly colored library? A library is meant to be a quiet and serious place, and the dark muted tones are used to create that mood.

  1. 1.Your Room Reflects Your Personality

    Every color has a psychological value and effect, and the color you choose for your room must reflect who you are.

    An athlete’s room will be filled with trophies. A scholar’s room will be filled with books and diplomas. The décor tells us a lot about the person the room belongs to. The room full of trophies will usually be painted in light colors to give a feel of the open playing fields where the trophies were won. For the scholar, the typical colors will be deep, dark tints that will indicate that the room is used for contemplation. Every color has a psychological value and effect, and the color you choose for your room must reflect who you are. Do not be swayed by trends and fashions in room colors. This is the room you will be living in and you must be happy and comfortable in it.


    If you are thinking of painting your room or house, you will find paint manufacturers and suppliers in your area using outstanding and time-saving search engines. Contacting these professionals will provide you with a huge range of color and paint texture options to give your room or house the exact look and feel you want. And if you want a professional painter to do the job for you, they too are listed online. In addition, the business pages in the phone book and word of mouth are still viable ways to find an excellent and reliable painter.

  2. 2.Find the Right Color

    Here are some general guidelines on the moods and atmosphere created by some common colors:


      • Red is a color that is full of energy. If you want your room to be energetic and vibrant, red may be the color for you.


      • Dark purple is a luxurious color that is associated with drama and sophistication. A room painted in this color will have an aura of glamour and style.


      • Orange is the color of enthusiasm. If you are one of those who get very enthusiastic and involved with new things on a regular basis, then maybe orange is the color for you.


      • Green is a restful, laid-back color. If you would like your room to be a calm, serene place where you can relax and unwind, a light or medium shade of green may be what you are looking for.


      • Yellow is a joyous and cheerful color. It is the color of the sun and if your room is a place of strong emotions then this is the way to go. Be careful however, some studies indicate that people tend to lose their temper more easily in a yellow room, and that babies even cry more frequently in them.


      • If you want a room that provokes people mentally and emotionally, crimson is the color for you. Crimson is thought to invoke and bring to the surface strong feelings that are normally repressed.


      • Light and medium blue is one of the most popular colors for a room. It is a calm and soothing color with the relaxing effect of gently moving water, with which it is associated.


    You can consider using neutral colors like black, white, gray, and brown to offer a counterpoint to the main color of your room and use them to either lighten or accentuate the mood that the main color creates.

  3. 3.Make Your Room Yours

    Painting a room is not a major undertaking. But it can make a huge difference to the way you feel, not just while you are in it, but throughout the day. Take the time to find the color that is right for you.

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