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What Type of Fence do You Fancy?

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What Type of Fence do You Fancy?

Whether you are looking to fence your property to clearly demarcate your property boundary, keep in farm animals and pets, or provide privacy or protection, you have plenty of choice on material and design. The actual material and design you choose for the fence will depend on a large extent on budget, exact need, and the time and effort you are willing to put into maintenance. There are a variety of off-the shelf designs available in plenty of color and material choices. Additionally, those who are very particular about the design can choose to use custom made wooden fences.

  1. 1. Wood

    Wooden fences are available in a variety of off-the-shelf designs such as picket fence, split wood railings, planks, and so on. You can choose wooden fences in cedar, oak, or other types of wood. These fences can either be stained or painted in a color of your choice. A picket fence can be used in the front to provide partial privacy, while a solid plank fence can be installed around the pool for greater privacy. A split rail fence can let in plenty of air and light and greatly enhances the farm-style appearance of a home.


    Wooden fences can also be custom made to better enhance the appearance of a home. However, wooden fences need regular maintenance in the form of staining or painting. Unless you are willing to spend time or money in this every year, you will end up with a wooden fence that detracts from the appearance of your home.

  2. 2. Chain Link

    Chain link fences are quick and easy to install. They are typically used around industrial facilities. They come in black, white, or green and are sometimes coated with vinyl to increase their durability. These are low-cost fences that are also called hurricane fences because they withstand hurricanes and tornadoes better than other fences. This is because these fences let wind and water through the gaps and therefore escape the brunt of the hurricane. They are ideal for those who require privacy or want to keep farm animals inside their land.


    These fences can also degrade the property value if used incorrectly. They are not very appealing and because they are so cheap, the can make their surroundings cheap. This type of fence though is good to be used on a property inside another larger fence, wooden or any other more aesthetically pleasing or looking fence. For instance, if you have a dog(s) and you do not want them to run all over the back yard but still be able to move around outside without being on a leash. You may have company over in the backyard, for example.

  3. 3. Wrought Iron

    Those who love a classic look for their fences should consider wrought iron fences. These come in a variety of styles that replicate the fences around palaces in Europe. They complement the wrought iron furniture in gardens and patios and provide your home with a regal frame. While these fences are not inexpensive, they do provide some privacy without giving the impression of shutting out the world. These fences also encourage free movement of air.

  4. 4.Aluminum

    Aluminum fencing is used instead of wrought iron fencing because it is light weight and easier to maintain. Aluminum fencing gives you the same look as a wrought iron one for a lower cost. Moreover, because these fences are easier to maintain, they last longer. Aluminum fences are available in a range of colors to suit your design requirements.

  5. 5.Vinyl

    Vinyl fences are more expensive than traditional wooden or chain link fences. However, they have multiple advantages over wooden fences. Vinyl fences come in a uniform color and do not require staining or painting. They do not split or fade over the years and look just as pretty a few years later with just a simple wash once in a great while. These low-maintenance fences can be installed quickly and do not have any components that will rust. They come in a variety of designs and colors and you are bound to find one that meets your requirements.


    The fences come in different heights ranging from three feet to eight. You can also install a lattice above the fence to provide additional privacy without shutting out the air and light. Whether you were dreaming of a white picket fence or a privacy fence around the pool, a vinyl fence can be the right decision if you have the money for it. The variety of colors and designs available in a vinyl fence can also be used to enhance your landscaping ideas or incorporated into the overall design of the house.

  6. 6.Have a Fence Installed with Redbeacon

    Whether you have come up with a fence design idea on your own or taken the help of a professional designer, installing a fence is not an easy task. Apart from having the time and the right tools, you need to know how to do this properly. Improperly installed fences can be flattened easily in the first storm or permit your children or pets to wander away. Instead, you should retain the services of a qualified fencing installer. To find a great fencing installer in your locality, all you need to do is register your requirements with Redbeacon.


    Redbeacon will then match this against their database of service providers and identify the fencing installers available in your region. Redbeacon will contact them and ask them for bids. Redbeacon will also verify the online reviews received by the fencing installers and ensure that they provide service of the quality expected by Redbeacon. Redbeacon will then forward four bids from fencing installer for your perusal. You can select a fencing installer from among these. Once you do so, the work will begin according to the schedule provided in the contract. Once work is completed Redbeacon will wait for 24 hours to hear from you before making the payment from your account.

Using Redbeacon’s services will greatly simply the process of finding a great fencing installer and getting a fence installed.


Frame your home in the proper setting by choosing a great fence to go around it. This will not only provide you with privacy but also increase security. Additionally, a fence around the pool will enhance your privacy and keep children – both yours and your neighbors – safe even as they play in the garden.


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