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When is It Time to Hire a Painting Contractor?

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Painting > When is It Time to Hire a Painting Contractor?
When is It Time to Hire a Painting Contractor?

Are you a painter? Not the type who dabbles with ceilings the size of the Sistine Chapel. Are you simply interested in sprucing up a room or two or three? Maybe you have designs on the exterior of your home. The decision comes down to a few questions. How much do you have to paint? How many rooms do you want to fix-up? Do you have a lot of time on your hands? The most important question being – do I need a pro to do this right?

  1. 1.What Is Your Reason For Updating?

    The motive behind painting the inside or outside of any home is usually aesthetics. Take this into account, too: A great paint job can significantly add to the value of your place.


    If you’re updating the look of your house for the sales market, you’re trying to make the best impression on potential buyers. Using brighter, contemporary colors and demonstrating that the job was done professionally is a plus to people who are scrutinizing your property. Also, check with your realtor if you’re doing this make-over to help better sell your home. They may have suggestions about color choices that will draw in more and higher bids.

  2. A good painting contractor should keep you posted every step of the way.
  3. 2.DIY Or Professional Help

    Watching too many home-fix-up programs on television has given the impression everything can be done by you and your spouse in a weekend. Look at your own situation. If it’s a small project, you can most likely DIY.


    Break the total job into two components – materials and labor. Price the materials and then figure out what your time is worth. How many hours do you think it will take you to do the job? Add it together. If it comes significantly under the price it would cost to hire a paint contractor, that might be the best route.

  4. 3.Planning

    A professional painting contractor knows that large jobs require serious expertise. There’s more to a new coat of paint than simply scraping and painting. It takes planning before you ever dip a brush into a can of paint. You may end up needing to purchase items that you will only use once. Other materials you buy may be things you’ll need for future, unrelated projects. The point being, unless you’ve mapped out the process you might start from a disadvantaged position.


    A painting contractor comes with all the tools necessary to do the job. The right person also knows, backwards-and-forwards how to use those tools.

  5. 4.Communication

    A good painting contractor should keep you posted every step of the way. That contractor oversees the Journeyman. The Journeyman actually supervises the project. A good relationship with the Journeyman means you regularly talk. You don’t want to nag them. You’re just looking for regular updates. Talk with them before you sign a contract. Let them know what you want and see how they respond.

All good help should pride themselves on collaboration. Your search for the right contractor takes into account that they have more than just painting skills. They also have valuable customer service experience. A clear line of communication ensures that you’ll get what you’re paying for, and maybe a little more, like a stroke of genius from the folks with the brushes.

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