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Where to Use Foil Insulation

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Where to Use Foil Insulation

There are many uses for foil insulation. Many people are drawn to this product because it is much thinner than standard insulation and provides the same protection as thick fiber insulation. You can then use foil insulation in tighter spaces than you could regular insulation.


The Radiant Barrier Journal chronicles the history of how radiant foil insulation came to be and the San Francisco Gate details some of the best uses for foil insulation. Controlling the temperature in your home not only makes you comfortable it also lowers your energy bills.


There are lots of places you can use foil insulation. Going over your home and installing foil insulation can increase your home’s efficiency. With proper usage you can even lower your energy bills extensively.

    Originally developed for space, it is no surprise that foil insulation has become a standard material for many home projects.
  1. 1.Attics

    Foil insulation is great for attics and other areas that are directly in contact with the outside. The foil insulation provides a radiant barrier against heat getting in as well as it escaping in the winter.

  2. 2.Garages

    Foil insulation is popular in garages because it can easily be put on the ceiling and left hanging out. Unlike fiber insulation it does not need to be covered and is not prone to nesting by small animals.

  3. 3.Air Conditioning and Vents

    Air conditioning tubes and vents are often lined with foil insulation. This keeps heat from getting into the area and warming the now cool air. It also keeps condensation from forming which can lead to mold.

  4. 4.Outside Walls

    Foil insulation for outside walls is very effective. These are the walls that are facing the outside of the house and are in direct contact with the external air. The added level of protection helps to keep a temperature balance that is consistent.

  5. 5.Cathedral Ceilings

    High ceilings such as cathedral ceilings are perfect for foil insulation. It does not ruin the aesthetics of the slope and it effectively keeps the heat in during the winter. Cathedral ceilings can rapidly change the temperature of a room when not properly insulated. No matter how thin the space is above, the foil insulation will fit.


    Originally developed for space, it is no surprise that foil insulation has become a standard material for many home projects. The thinness of the material coupled with how effective it is has aided in the development of many energy friendly options when it comes to reducing your energy usage at home.

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