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Who Should I Hire for a Framing Installation?

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Carpentry > Who Should I Hire for a Framing Installation?
Who Should I Hire for a Framing Installation?

Whether you’re building a garage, a shed or even a new house, building the frame will be an important task to complete for the structure of the building. Although the foundation of the building must come first, the frame of the building becomes the bones of the structure, giving it strength and integrity.


Frame installation is probably beyond the scope of the standard do-it-yourselfer, even if you enjoy home projects. Although you may know how to handle a hammer and a drill, frame construction and installation can be technical and involved. A framing contractor and a general contractor are two hiring options for building your frame.

  1. 1.Overview of the Work

    Compare the frame of a building to the skeleton of a body. Without strong bones, a person may suffer health issues. Without a strong frame, a building won’t be as durable and secure as it could be. The frame of a building includes vertical studs that create a stable frame for the exterior and interior walls. The studs will support the roof, which is supported by horizontal ceiling joists and rafters that slope at an angle to support the line of the roof.


    Building frames also include plywood or composite boards to form wall sections. Contractors stabilize walls with diagonal wind braces.


    Building frames must meet local codes for construction, so a professional must have a thorough knowledge of local building codes to ensure that the frame installation meets requirements and is built as effectively as possible.


    Some frame installation includes exterior doors and windows. Alternately, a finish carpenter or a door and window specialist may install doors and windows as well.

  2. 2.Professionals for Frame Installation

    A dedicated framing contractor is a subcontractor that works specifically with building frames. After the foundation phase of the project, the framing contractor will arrive on the job site to build the frame. Another alternative could be hiring a general contractor with general knowledge and skills necessary to construct the building frame.

  3. 3.Types of Frame Installation

    Several different types of frame construction exist. Framing to construct a new building is a straightforward process. Framing to construct a remodel or a home addition is more challenging. Adding framing to a settled foundation or to a building with existing walls that may be contorted can present some special considerations for a contractor.


    Construction frames might involve wood, metal or masonry. Metal and masonry framing is suitable for areas where excessive moisture or threat of fire are common.


    Platform framing involves constructing the first floor joists, covering them with subflooring and then building exterior walls and interior partitions. Most home construction uses platform framing. Balloon framing involves constructing exterior wall studs throughout both the first and second stories of a building and installing first floor joists next. Plank and beam framing involves using beams to support floor and roof loads. Planks cover floors and roofs, serving as subflooring and roof sheathing.

  4. 4.Possible Problems

    A frame is only as strong as the wood used to build it. If substandard lumber forms the frame, it may not have sufficient rigidity and strength. A building’s foundation must also be firm and strong, with properly installed footings that are the correct size to support the building. With a strong foundation, the frame will have more strength to stay rigid.


    If a contractor does not construct the frame in accordance with local building codes, work might not receive approval, which would result in higher construction costs and delays.


    Frame installation must involve technical planning and calculations to ensure that the studs, joists, subflooring, rafters and roof sheathing provide suitable support for the building. Framing must incorporate plumb and square joints to ensure that doors and windows open and close correctly and to ensure that floors and ceilings are horizontal and walls are vertical. If the frame is not square, various building components, such as roof sheathing and shingles, will not fit correctly. Even the building’s appearance may change with an improperly squared frame.

  5. 5.Cost of Frame Installation

    The cost for frame installation varies depending on the project and the geographic location. New construction framing is less expensive and involved than remodeling framing to build onto an existing structure. The cost for framing ranges from $211 to $2,054, with an average price of $658. The materials you choose to use for building framing will determine the overall cost of the project. See our guide on Framing Installation Cost to learn more.

  6. 6.Framing Installation Contractors

    With a construction project in the works, let Pro Referral simplify the hiring process. You will receive a list of professionals from Pro Referral. All our pros have been background checked and our in-house staff has verified their credentials and insurance coverage. Hiring a trusted pro with Pro Referral will give you the assurance the job will be done right, every step of the way.


    Get your building project underway by getting the frame installation finished. Once the contractor finishes the framing, the walls will go up and the building will take shape. With a strong building frame, you can anticipate a strong and secure building.

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