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Who Should I Hire for Outdoor Furniture Assembly?

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Handyman > Who Should I Hire for Outdoor Furniture Assembly?
Who Should I Hire for Outdoor Furniture Assembly?

When thoughts of sitting on the back deck or patio on your comfortable outdoor furniture take over, you’ll probably head for the nearest home center to outfit your outdoor living areas. Once you make your purchase, your work is far from over, though. Now, you’ve got to get your purchases home and assembled before you can enjoy them.


Unless you’re the type who enjoys wading through instructions in a variety of languages with pictures drawn to an unknown scale, outsourcing your outdoor furniture assembly is a winning idea. A handyman is the professional for the job with just the skills and tools necessary to make short work of the project.

  1. 1.Benefits of a Hiring a Handyman

    Who has the time or inclination to wrestle with furniture assembly? When you’ve got more pressing responsibilities, yet you want to be sitting on your deck yesterday, find yourself a handyman who can make short work of the project. A handyman is well-versed in the assembly and construction of furniture, so he may get your chairs and tables together much faster than you could. The handyman probably has all the needed tools to make the job easier, too, which eliminates your need to purchase tools for the project.

  2. 2.Types of Outdoor Furniture Assembly

    Outdoor furniture has expanded exponentially in recent years as people discover the joys of living in luxury outdoors. You have a few options in service, depending on the scope of your project and your assembly budget. If you’ve got a number of pieces and you’re not afraid of the price, you could hire a service to come to your home to perform the work. The benefit of this option is that no transporting of the furniture will be necessary after the professional finishes putting it together.


    Another option for furniture assembly if you’re on a tighter budget is to have your furniture assembled where you purchased it so you can transport it home. This option likely involves employees who work as a furniture assembly team. Once you have your pieces put together, you will need to transport them safely home.

  3. 3.Size and Location

    The scope of the project depends on the items you have purchased. If you’re furnishing an elaborate outdoor living area, complete with comfortable seating, tables, cooking areas, bar seating and outdoor cooking, the handyman will need extensive experience and time to complete the work. On the other hand, if the job just entails a few odds and ends, you won’t have a large job to arrange.

  4. 4.Problems That May Arise

    Your outdoor furniture needs to be stable and safe for use. If the person assembling your furniture does not follow instructions carefully, the furniture might not be strong and safe. Sometimes design flaws exist in a furniture piece. A handyman often has enough understanding and experience with construction that he can advise you of possible issues with your furniture.

  5. 5.Cost to Assemble Outdoor Furniture

    The cost to assemble your outdoor furniture depends on several variables. The number of pieces you need assembled, the complexity of the pieces and your geographical location are the main factors that will determine the cost of assembly. You should expect to pay a professional between $110 and $303 to assemble outdoor furniture and equipment. Compare these rates to prices offered through a retailer, if you’re on a tight budget. Ask detailed questions about additional charges you might encounter, also. Some assembly services levy a minimum fee for smaller jobs to make the work cost effective. Also ask whether the handyman or assembler will dispose of garbage associated with the project.

  6. 6.Outdoor Furniture Assembly Services

    Let Redbeacon handle the details of the job. Submit a work request that outlines the furniture assembly, your location and how you wish Redbeacon to contact you. Redbeacon takes your request and processes it through an extensive network of professionals available for work. You will receive up to four quotes for qualified professionals who have availability for your project. Book the project through Redbeacon with the professional of your choice and the work will begin. Redbeacon will provide you with top-notch customer care while scheduling the work with the professional. You’ll also have Redbeacon’s satisfaction guarantee that ensures that the work you receive will be acceptable and satisfactory. If not, Redbeacon may even apply $1000 toward resolving the problems. Redbeacon will process your payment online and the professional will receive payment through Redbeacon.


    Put the finishing touches on your outdoor living areas by furnishing them with outdoor furniture. You don’t need to find the time to assemble the pieces yourself when you hire a handyman to complete the job.

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