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Who Should I Hire for Picture Hanging?

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Handyman > Who Should I Hire for Picture Hanging?
Who Should I Hire for Picture Hanging?

Decorating with pictures adds a personal touch to your walls, but who likes to hang them? Between choosing the perfect hanging spots, climbing up and down ladders, measuring and adjusting for alignment and leveling each item, you will occupy yourself for hours if you have multiple pictures to hang.


When you know you want to delegate the picture-hanging ordeal to an expert, it’s all about finding the right professional for the job. You have several hiring options to ensure that the pictures go up efficiently and beautifully.

  1. 1.The Process

    Hanging a picture is more than choosing a desired spot and driving in a nail. Picture hanging has evolved to sport many different options in hanging hardware, suitable for various picture weights and wall surfaces. You could go the museum route with D-rings and J-hooks to ensure that your pictures go up in professional style. You might also opt for security options that prevent pictures from falling off the walls – even in the event of an earthquake. A simple cleat in the back of the picture can screw into a wall stud for a secure mount on the wall. You might even choose to hang pictures with cables from the ceiling to create a three-dimensional effect. Different types of pictures and art require different hanging systems. The appropriate hanging system also depends on where you’ll be hanging the picture. Placing artwork over a bed requires more security than a picture in the hallway, for example. A professional has the expertise to provide guidance and suggestions for every hanging situation to help you choose the best method of installing your pictures.


    Once the professional has surveyed and planned the project, the process involves climbing up and down a ladder to find studs behind the walls, install the hardware and mount the pictures. The work generally takes time to ensure effective completion.

  3. 2.Preparation

    A professional will survey your hanging surfaces and the artwork before devising a plan for hanging the items. Some arrangements are formal in nature and others are more casual. A professional will have an eye for either style to guide you expertly toward a plan for hanging. When security is an important issue to prevent damage and injury, the professional will prioritize your concerns to ensure that the pictures hang safely and securely.

  4. Average Prices
  5. 3.Professionals to Hire

    An interior decorator or designer is one of the best professionals to hire for picture hanging. This person is the expert on decorating style, able to assess your rooms and your artwork to come up with the best hanging plans for the most pleasing arrangements. A handyman is another professional who can provide the necessary expertise for hanging pictures. A handyman might be the better choice if your budget for this project is lower or if you don’t need the expert guidance of an interior decorator. A general contractor would have the skills to handle this job, especially if the items you are hanging are heavy or if your wall surface is unusual or challenging.

  7. 4.Possible Problems

    Picture hanging is not without risks. If the professional does not hang the pictures correctly or securely, the items may fall from the wall. Falling pictures can result in damage to the wall, the floor and the picture. Falling pictures also pose a safety risk to people nearby. Professionals should always hang heavy pictures in studs for optimal security.


    If picture hanging performed by a professional results in damage because it falls off the wall, the professional should have liability for the damage that occurs to the picture and to the wall.


    Without careful planning of the picture hanging, the pictures may not fit into the available space on the walls. Pictures may end up crowded, spaced unevenly, leveled incorrectly and not even fitting attractively. A professional should understand the planning process to ensure that the finished result will be appealing on the wall.

  9. 5.Costs for Picture Hanging

    The cost to hire a professional to hang your pictures depends on where you live and the specifics of your project. Large or heavy pictures, a number of pictures, unusual wall surfaces, unusual hanging locations or other issues may drive the cost of this project higher. If you require special hanging processes to protect an expensive item, the cost for installation would be higher. The average range for picture hanging varies from $70 to $159 for a professional picture-hanging project. If you have designer needs that necessitate an interior decorator, expect the price to be higher.

  11. 6.Get Help

    If you need help with your picture hanging project, locate a picture hanging professional using Pro Referral. Each Pro is background checked and licensed and insured so that you can hire with confidence. Read the customer reviews, credentials, and business profiles of all of our Pros and let a qualified professional turn a difficult project into a completed one!


    Put the finishing touches on your walls with pictures that show your decorating style. With an expert on the job, you won’t have worries about safety and security once the pictures are up on the walls.

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