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Who Should I Hire for a Window Covering Installation?

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Handyman > Who Should I Hire for a Window Covering Installation?
Who Should I Hire for a Window Covering Installation?

You spend a fortune picking out the perfect blinds, curtains and drapes for your windows, but the work isn’t over. You may have picked out the window coverings of your dreams, but now you’ve got to hang them on your windows, and this isn’t necessarily a simple process.


Instead of torturing yourself with a stepladder, level, drill and hammer, why not hire a handyman to take care of the task for you? A professional on the job will ensure that the hanging process results in attractive window coverings hung just right on your windows.

  1. 1.Benefits of Hiring a Handyman

    You might wonder what could be so complicated about hanging some blinds. But, can you really fit this home improvement project into your busy schedule? If you’re already busy enough and you want to make sure your investment in window coverings looks as chic as possible, hire a handyman.


    A handyman has expert skills necessary to perform general home improvement jobs at a higher level that most do-it-yourselfers. Any special tools necessary for the work should also be in a handyman’s collection of work related equipment.

  2. 2.Size & Location of WIndow Coverings

    Windows come in all shapes and sizes, from standard rectangles to extraordinary arches and other odd shapes. If you’re outfitting the extraordinary, make sure your project involves an expert.


    Some windows are so majestic that they cover entire walls and others are more demure. Windows can be inaccessible and difficult to reach, necessitating scaffolding and other special equipment. Slanted walls and ceilings can further complicate the installation process. If you have a large number of windows in your project, an expert will ensure professional results.

  3. 3.Type of Hardware Required

    Browse the options in hardware to make your window coverings come alive. Oversized and dramatic rods, unusual finials, assorted materials such as metals and woods, brackets, rings, tiebacks and even innovative drapery wands that add an unusual flair to your windows.


    It’s essential to match the hardware to the window coverings for lasting success. Lighter fabrics match well with smaller and daintier hardware; whereas, heavier fabrics require strong rods. You might need a double rod to hang separate draperies and valances on the same window. Make sure the rods and brackets you choose are slightly wider than the curtains. Finials are decorative, so make sure they remain completely visible on the sides of the curtains or draperies.

  4. 4.Installation Process

    The installation process involves careful measuring and marking for the placement of the hardware. For best results, someone should hold the hardware in place while others assess for centered and level placement. After marking the walls, the next step involves drilling holes. Depending on the surface, the handyman might need to use drywall screws with anchors designed to ensure extra stability. Mounting the brackets and hardware is the final step in the hardware installation process.


    After installing the hardware, hanging the window treatments comes next. Sliding rods through rod pockets of draperies can be tricky, so it’s important not to snag fine fabrics. With the coverings on the rod and the rods in place on the brackets, you’ll need to step back and assess. Any adjustments should be minor, just to ensure even pleating and perfect positioning of the tiebacks.

  5. 5.Possible Problems

    Issues can come up with window covering installation. If the hardware you select is inadequate for the weight of the window coverings, the coverings might not remain secure on the windows. If the window coverings detach from the walls around the windows, significant damage could occur.


    Injury could also occur if you must climb to heights and manage tools while climbing a stepladder. A professional will have strong skills and training to enable safe and successful installation.

  6. 6.Cost to Install Window Coverings

    Installation can be extensive and challenging, especially if you have a large number of windows or windows of unusual shape and size. To complete the installation process on one window, the handyman might spend between 20 and 45 minutes, depending on the complexity of the window and the coverings. The cost to install window coverings also depends on your geographic location and the type of window coverings. Expect to pay between $88 and $276 for an average window covering installation performed by a professional.

  7. 7.Redbeacon

    Enlist Redbeacon’s assistance in finding a handyman to install your window coverings. Submit a work request with details about your project. You will receive up to four quotes from professionals to look over. Choose the expert you want to hire and book the project through Redbeacon. Redbeacon will manage the entire project while providing you with excellent customer care. Redbeacon processes your payment online and the professional will receive compensation through Redbeacon. Don’t worry about being happy with the work, either. Redbeacon guarantees that you’ll be satisfied, so you have the assurance of quality.


    Get your window coverings hung on your windows with style and efficiency. A professional on the job will ensure quality and beauty in every room of your home.

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