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Why Aren't My Bathtub Jets Working?

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Plumbing > Why Aren't My Bathtub Jets Working?
Why Aren't My Bathtub Jets Working?

A relaxing soak in the Jacuzzi is all the more pleasant with the whirlpool jets churning the water all around you while you kick back in warmth. Baths just aren’t the same if the jets stop working, so if this happens it’s time to take swift action to determine what’s wrong with the Jacuzzi.


A little detective work and analysis should help you determine where the problem lies. It’s possible that the problem is a quick fix or you may need to call upon a plumber to help resolve the issue. Bottom line – you didn’t install a Jacuzzi to have it stop working, so troubleshoot and then repair the tub if the jets die. Soon, your tub will be in working order and the spa time can resume again.

  1. 1.Bleeding

    After refilling a Jacuzzi, it’s necessary to bleed the air out of plumbing lines to enable the jets to work effectively again. The owner’s manual is a great guide to learn where the bleed screws are located on the pump of the tub. It may also be possible to locate them visually by looking for the small bleed screws.


    The power should be off to the tub before turning the screws carefully to dispel air from the lines. Close the lines as fast as possible to avoid water spraying out with the air. This process should be repeated several times until all of the trapped air has been removed from the plumbing lines.


    Check the tub filter to determine whether it needs bleeding as well. If it does, you will find bleed screws to open on the filter as well.


    After you finish bleeding the lines, turn the power back on to the tub and try the jets again – they should work properly.

  3. 2.Timer

    Many Jacuzzis have a built-in timer that controls the operation of the jets. If the timer is set to a specific interval, the jets would not operate between the intervals, so make an adjustment to the timer to see if this resolves the problem.

    A malfunctioning timer might prevent jets from working altogether. In this situation, have the timer replaced to make the jets operational once again.

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  5. 3.Circuit Breaker

    Check the circuit breaker electrical panel to determine whether the circuit breaker tripped. If this has occurred, reset the circuit breaker manually to restart the jets. If the jets still do not start, determine whether the pump in the tub has a manual reset button or if a separate circuit breaker exists on the tub that may have tripped. Reset any other buttons or breakers to restart the jets. If no amount of resetting starts the jets again, call a plumber to assess the problem.

  7. 4.GFCI

    The ground fault circuit interrupter receptacle is a device designed to turn off an electrical circuit if current travels along an unexpected path – such as through water or a person. The GFCI can cut the risk of electrical shocks.

    Jacuzzi tubs require GFCI protection and for best results it should be installed in or near the tub. If the GFCI trips, it’s necessary to reset it by pushing a button. If it trips again immediately, the Jacuzzi’s pump motor may be malfunctioning.

  9. 5.Pump

    Several problems may exist with the pump. Measure the voltage at the pump to determine whether the pump is receiving power. If the pump receives voltage but it does not work, the pump is malfunctioning and you must replace it. If no voltage carries to the pump, the problem lies with open circuits or switches.

    You might try disassembling the pump to find possible obstructions. A clogged filter or closed gate valves could also cause the pump to malfunction.

  11. 6.Bathtub Repair Service

    When you exhaust your own troubleshooting of your Jacuzzi, it’s time to call a professional to assess the problem and recommend a solution. Submit a work request for bathtub repair. Once we receive your request, the hunt begins to find a list of qualified professionals who can resolve your Jacuzzi problems and get you back in the tub once again. You’ll receive a list of possible professionals from which you can choose the one that best fits your problem and your pocketbook. Hire the professional and we'll will take care of the rest, down to providing you with a guarantee to back up the work.


    Don’t forget – much of the work involved with a Jacuzzi is electrical in nature. If you do not have the necessary expertise and qualifications to perform this work yourself, hire an expert plumber or electrician to repair the bathtub.

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