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Why Aren’t My Sprinklers Popping Up?

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Plumbing > Why Aren’t My Sprinklers Popping Up?
Why Aren’t My Sprinklers Popping Up?  

A fabulous green lawn is a welcome sight whether you are arriving home from work or taking a break from house work by spending time in the yard with your children or partner. However, maintain a green lawn can be difficult for busy people, especially since lawns need to be watered at the right time, watered regularly, and not over watered. All of these issues can be handled with ease by installing an automatic sprinkler system with pop up heads. This ensures that you do not need to spend time moving the sprinkler head around, but can instead enjoy your lawn. However, after a few years of use, the pop up sprinklers might begin to malfunction and a few of them no longer pop up. There can be many reasons for this.

  1. 1.Water Pressure

    One reason for the sprinklers not popping up could be low water pressure. When the water pressure in the pipes is low, the sprinklers cannot be pushed up. To rectify this all you need to do is open the valves on the back flow pipe to the fullest. These valves will be located above ground and consist of one on the horizontal pipe and another on the vertical pipe. Just open both to the fullest, that is, the valve handle should be parallel to the pipe. When doing this, it is best to open the horizontal valve first before opening the vertical valve.

  2. 2.Pipes

    Even if the back flow valves are opened to the fullest extent, the water might not reach a section of the pop up sprinklers because of damaged or crushed pipes. To identify this, you need to locate the sprinkler head that is the last working one in a line and dig from here to the next sprinkler head. You can also examine the ground above for very wet spots or bubbles or water to locate the section of the pipe that is damaged. Sometimes, tree roots can crush the pipe over time, blocking it. In either case, you need to lay a new section of pipe to ensure proper water flow to the next sprinkler head. In case a tree root has crushed a pipe, it is best to lay the fresh pipe away from the tree root.

  3. 3.Sprinkler Wiper Seal

    The sprinkler wiper seal is the seal between the cap and the riser and should be at soil level. This seal can get damaged because of normal wear and tear as the riser pops up and down when the sprinkler is turned on and off. To check for this examine the seals of the pop up sprinklers with the water turned on. While a little water will spray when the riser is moving up, the seal should not leak any water once the sprinkler has popped up. If it does, you need to replace the sprinkler. For this make sure you obtain a sprinkler of the same make and model as only that will be compatible with your sprinkler system.

  4. 4.Shut Off Valve

    The sprinkler system will have a shut off valve on the pipe connecting the system to the main water pipeline in the house. If this valve is closed, then the water pressure in the pipes will be low and the sprinklers will not pop up. This valve will be located at the sprinkler control system.

  5. 5.Flow Control

    Apart from a shut off valve, the sprinkler control system will have flow control valves for various sections of pipes leading to different sprinkler lines. If only a single line of sprinklers is not popping up, it could be that the flow control system for that pipe has been closed or damaged. Just locate the flow control system for the section of the pipe that has sprinklers that do not pop up and either open the flow control valve or replace it if it is damaged.

  6. 6.Get Your Sprinkler System Repaired with Redbeacon

    A completely automatic pop up sprinkler system that does not function needs to be fixed as soon as possible before the lack of water damages the lawn. You can retain the services of a reliable plumber using Redbeacon. Jus register your expectations from the plumber on the Redbeacon site and wait for them to contact you. Redbeacon will locate plumbers who meet your requirements and ask them for bids.


    Redbeacon will also verify the online reviews of the plumbers to ensure that they are reliable and competent. Next, Redbeacon will forward four bids from the selected plumbers for your perusal. Once you make a selection, the plumber will start work on your sprinkler system on the day and time mentioned in the contract. After the work is completed, Redbeacon will wait for 24 hours for your feedback on the work done by the plumber before releasing their payment from your account.


    Any home owner will have genuine joy in seeing a healthy and marvelous lawn on their property. This inviting feature is easier to maintain when you install automatic sprinklers with pop up features. However, if the sprinkler heads no longer pop up, parts of your lawn will become dry. In order to ensure that the sprinklers function properly before your lawn dries out in patches, you can use the services offered by Redbeacon to retain a plumber.

Trouble shooting and repairing a pop up sprinkler that does not work can be time consuming. Busy homeowners juggling work, family, and hobbies might find it difficult to attend to this before the lawn dries up. Instead, they can enjoy a beautiful lawn and relax on the weekends by outsourcing the repair of the pop up sprinkler to a qualified plumber.


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