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Why Does my Exterior Vent Need Replacing?

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Heating & Cooling > Why Does my Exterior Vent Need Replacing?
Why Does my Exterior Vent Need Replacing?

When you own a home, it’s imperative that you monitor it carefully, both inside and outside, to ensure that you catch potentially harmful situations if they occur. For example, exterior vents in your home must function correctly to maintain healthy interior air quality and route fumes and moisture out of your house.


If it’s time to replace an exterior vent in your home, calling in a professional will ensure that your home improvement project is completed correctly to resolve any issues, and guarantee that it functions properly.

  1. 1.The Purpose of an Exterior Vent

    "Replacing exterior vents when they age or after they become damaged from weather will ensure that your home stays dry and secure."

    Many interior house functions create heat, moisture and fumes. Left on the inside of your home, this situation could create damage. For example, roof vents ensure that your attic space remains dry. Excess moisture in the attic space can create mold and structural damage could start to occur. Foundation vents ensure that a crawl space remains dry. Some appliances require venting to ensure safety, including heating and cooling, dryers, and cooking appliances. Although you might not consider exterior vents regularly, you would certainly notice the absence of one in your home. If cooking moisture didn’t vent out, you would quickly notice grease and moisture accumulating on ceiling and walls. In the laundry room, an improperly vented dryer would create moisture problems.

  2. 2.Benefits of Replacing an Exterior Vent

    With effective exterior vents in your home, you don’t need to worry about mold and moisture problems occurring in the structure of the building. As some areas of the house might not be readily accessible, such as crawl spaces and attics, damage can occur without your knowledge. Replacing exterior vents when they age or after they become damaged from weather will ensure that your home stays dry and secure.

  3. 3.Site Preparation Requirements

    The process of replacing exterior vents requires a thorough analysis of the vent system to determine the type of replacement vent needed. With a new exterior vent for the system, the next step involves removing the existing vent and preparing the site for the new installation. A professional handyman has the skills and expertise to perform this preparation work and to proceed with the installation project.

  4. 4.Time Required to Replace Exterior Vent

    Some exterior vents will be a simple process to replace, while others may require extensive preparatory work and installation time to complete the project. Most exterior vent projects should not take longer than one day to replace unless the handyman experiences unforeseen issues.

  5. 5.Problems That May Arise

    Once work commences on an exterior vent, it’s possible that complications could occur. If the professional removes the existing vent and discovers structural damage to your home from excess moisture and mold, work on the vent will halt while resolving the other issues. If the structure or insulation of a home has moisture damage, it will be necessary to remove and replace the damaged areas before installing a new vent.


    Choosing the wrong vent, or incorrectly sized vent, for the space might require adaptations to the structure before installing the vent becomes possible. A professional will need to inspect the installation site prior to determining whether or not the vent will fit. If the vent is not adaptable to the site, a new vent will need to be purchased to ensure a proper installation is completed.

  6. 6.Cost to Replace Exterior Vent

    The cost to replace an exterior vent has several variables. Your geographic location will have an impact on the overall installation price. If you have one simple vent to install, the price should not be significant. On the other hand, if you have several vents or the installation of the vents is complicated, the price will be higher. Some vents, such as a dryer vent, are uncomplicated. A roof or foundation vent will likely require more extensive preparation and installation work. Any installation issues that occur during the project could potentially raise the overall costs as well. The cost to install exterior vents will range from $150 to $334, with $224 being the average installation cost.

  7. 7.Pro Referral

    Get help from Pro Referral to find a handyman to install your exterior vents. Submit a work request with details about your vent project. You will receive as many as five quotes from professionals to examine. Choose the handyman you want to hire and book the project through Pro Referral.


    Keep your home snug and tight, with the moisture on the outside and the comfortable air on the inside, using the correct exterior vents for your needs. The long-term safety and condition of your home greatly depends on this.

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