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Why Hire a Pro for Home Improvement Projects

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Why Hire a Pro for Home Improvement Projects

Although you can gain immense satisfaction from performing your own home improvements and repairs, this isn’t always possible for homeowners. When responsibilities of family and work don’t leave enough time left over for other projects, you may be in the position of having to hire a professional to work on your home.


Known as “DIFM” – the Do It For Me concept is not a new one. It simply means hiring a professional to complete home repairs or improvements to your home instead of doing them yourself. If you do decide to hire a professional contractor, check out what the Federal Trade Commission has to say about the process. It’s important to make sure you know how to research and check out anyone you consider hiring before you proceed.


There are plenty of good reasons to go the DIFM route. Find out why hiring a pro is worth your money.

  1. 1.DIY is for People with Time

    When you have weekend and evenings open and lots of time without many activities, do-it-yourself can make perfect sense for you. You can save lots of money by doing your own home improvements and upgrades. You can also learn many new skills when you take on your own projects. Unfortunately, the catch is that you have to have the time. In this fast-paced world, many homeowners simply don’t have it. Just as do-it-yourself is for people with time, do-it-for-me is for people who don’t have the time but want things accomplished in a home.

  2. 2.Hiring has become Easier

    With the advances of technology, hiring a high-quality professional contractor is a much easier process now than it used to be. Check out your local licensing bureau to make sure any contractor you consider has the applicable, current licensing. Many state and local municipalities also offer consumer protection services that provide assistance in verifying and checking credentials and reputations of contractors. Don’t forget the Better Business Bureau – you should make sure you don’t see any complaints about a contractor listed on this website. Once you utilize these services, you can fast-track a contractor that you think you want to hire.

  3. 3.You'll Probably Mess Up Your Project

    DIY projects are perfect for the homeowner who knows his or her way around the workshop – but what about those homeowners who struggle finding the right end of a hammer? There are people who just shouldn’t be taking on large projects around the home – and maybe you’re one of them. If this is the case, think through this scenario. You plan and prepare a home improvement project, down to the point of buying your supplies and starting to work. After several hours of struggling and suffering, you finally have to admit that you are woefully over your head and you may have even done significant damage to your home in the process. Now, you’re stuck finding a professional who will come in, fix what you’ve destroyed and start over. Sound expensive? You bet!

  4. 4.Licensed Pros Know What They're Doing

    The advantage of hiring a licensed professional is the peace of mind you’ll have with this degree of expertise. There’s a reason licensed contractors have more and better skills – they have to maintain their skills and stay current in order to maintain their licensing. Licensed contractors have to participate in continuing education to learn newest techniques and stay savvy of the latest information in the construction and contracting fields. By hiring a licensed contractor, you won’t need to worry that the quality of workmanship will be substandard. You also won’t need to worry about the contractor finishing on time or providing other services that were part of the contract.

  5. 5.Reviews Help Pros Stay Trustworthy

    When professionals know that consumer reviews reach the masses, it helps set the bar higher. Contractors have a greater motivation to stay trustworthy and deliver higher-quality work to customers. Spend some time exploring reviews of any contractor you are considering hiring to make sure that every review is positive. By choosing a contractor with stellar reviews, you can have confidence that the work you will receive will be of similar quality. Don’t forget – once your contractor has finished your work and the deal is done, take the time to provide a positive review of the work so others can have confidence in hiring the contractor in the future. It’s a tough trade – good contractors need help to succeed.

  6. 6.Competitive Quotes Benefit You

    It’s much easier to receive competitive quotes these days and have them work for you. Contractors know that consumers value quotes, so they put time and effort into making sure quotes are an accurate representation of their services. Contractors also know that consumers are comparing quotes, so they make sure that the quotes they submit will compete with other quotes. This works for you because it forces contractors to stay competitive. Spend some time getting several – at least five – from comparable contractors who will perform comparable work. Once you receive these detailed quotes, go over them with a fine-toothed comb to compare them.

  7. 7.Relax!

    Your hard work is all about deciding exactly what you want to do to your house and then researching and vetting the perfect contractor to make it happen. Although this can be time consuming and challenging, you will eventually get to the point where it’s time to hand over the reins to your contractor of choice and then sit back and relax.

    From your easy chair, you’ll have tough work like choosing fixtures, colors, materials and textures for your home. It promises to be much more pleasant and easy than it would be to be ripping out countertops and installing new flooring. If you’re interested, you might observe from the sidelines as your home improvement plans unfold in reality. You might even learn a few things about construction while you watch!


    Now that you see how it can benefit you to hire a pro, take the time necessary to find the perfect person to complete your home improvement project. If you need a little more help, visit our Home Guides for some additional tips.

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