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Why isn’t My Hydrangea Blooming?

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Landscaping > Why isn’t My Hydrangea Blooming?
Why isn’t My Hydrangea Blooming?

Hydrangeas are beautiful flowers. They can be white, pink, blue or even purple. They can look lovely and classic outside of any home. However, like any living thing, hydrangeas require a bit of work. You have to make sure that they get the right amount of sun and shade and the right amount of water. They won’t grow to their full, beautiful potential unless you care for them just right.


If you seem to be failing in the care of your own hydrangeas, don’t fret – we are here to help. We’ve found some of the most common reasons why your hydrangeas may not be blooming as they should. Read this guide and your thumb will be emerald green in no time at all!

  1. 1. Late spring freeze

    If you live in a part of the world that experiences the four seasons, you know that spring weather can be somewhat unpredictable. One day it could be warm and sunny, the next, chilly and grey. Hydrangeas bloom in the summer and fall. If you have been awaiting your summer blooms, cool spring temperatures may be to blame.

  2. 2. Not enough sunlight

    Hydrangeas require an equal amount of sun and shade. Make sure the spot where you have chosen to grow your flowers isn’t too dark and shadowy. These shadows like sun in the morning with shade later in the day.

  3. 3. Poor pruning

    Be very, very careful when it comes to pruning your flowers. In fact, The Old Farmer’s Almanac advises against much pruning at all. The manual says that you should not prune unless absolutely necessary, and even then, only do so after the flowers have bloomed.

  4. 4. Not enough water

    It’s easy for newer gardeners to over or underwater their plants. Make sure you remember to water your plants thoroughly. If you tend to be busy, you may even want to set a reminder on your cell phone.

  5. 5. Fertilizer

    These flowers can be fertilized once or twice during the summer months, when they are blooming. However, you should be careful not to fertilize during the fall as they are preparing to go into dormancy for the colder weather. You don’t want to encourage growth that won’t last the cold winter months.

  6. 6. Find a landscaper with Redbeacon

    Put your flowers in the hands of a professional by hiring a landscaper. Landscapers can make sure that not only do your flowers thrive, but your lawn looks lush and green. You can find a landscaper with a few easy steps by logging on to Simply tell them what you need, and you’ll have a few reasonably-priced quotes to pick from in no time at all!

  7. Flowers make you feel good and improve the property value of your home. It’s admirable to want to cultivate and nurture another living thing. Remember, however, that your flowers need attention and care. Give them just that by using!

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