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Why is My Attic Fan So Noisy?

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Attic > Why is My Attic Fan So Noisy?
Why is My Attic Fan So Noisy?

Attic fans are used to push stale and heated air away from the home via the attic while letting in fresh air inside. This keeps the home cooled even on very hot days and reduces the power consumed by your air conditioning units. While attic fans can indeed help cool the home, they need to be run continuously for eight hours a day to be effective. However, many people are unable to do so because of the noise made by the attic fans. Understanding why your attic fans are noisy is the first step to reducing the noise they make and using them continuously to make your home pleasanter.


A properly functioning attic fan that is not noisy and used continuously can keep the air inside the home fresh and cool while reducing the energy consumption to a large extent. Some of the problems that cause an attic fan to become noisy can be fixed by the home owner with ease while others require additional time and skills. However, retaining the services of an electrician to fix the attic fan is the easiest way to reduce the noise it makes.

  1. 1.Unbalanced Blades

    When the blades of the attic fans are bent or unbalanced in other ways, the fans produce a clanging noise. This can be very disturbing especially at night. The problem can be rectified by either straightening the bent or unbalanced blades or replacing them. The first step is to examine all the blades of the fan and see if one of them appears to be dented or bent. Just rectify this dent or bend and the attic fan will no longer make a clanging noise when run.

  2. 2.Bad Bearings

    Another reason for attic fans to make a lot of noise is bad bearings. The fan has ball bearings that help lubricate the motion and reduce the noise. However, after two or three years the bearings become damaged because of wear and tear. This causes the fan to become noisy. All you need to do to fix this problem is to replace the bearings. For this you need to dismantle the fan and remove the bearings and replace them with another set of the same make and model.

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  4. 3.Screws Loose

    The attic fan is fixed to the wall of the attic using screws. Overtime, these screws can become loose because of the constant turning of the fan. These loose screws cause the attic fan to vibrate causing a lot of noise that is disturbing and uncomfortable. However, this problem is easily fixed by tightening the screws so that the fan unit does not vibrate even when it is running.

  5. 4.Rusted Motor

    Yet another cause of a noisy attic fan is a rusted motor. The motor is the most vital part of the attic fan and turns the blades. However, this can become rusted over time. It is very difficult to repair a rusted motor because it has many components. If the attic fan is noisy because of a rusted motor you need to replace it.

  6. 5.Install a new Attic Fan

    Though attic fans are useful in keeping the home cool throughout the hot months, they can become noisy and difficult to use. If the attic fan is old you need to install a new one. This can be done with ease by simply following our attic fan installation guide.

  7. 6.Hire a Pro

    If you are unable to complete this task on your own, find an attic fan installation pro. Pro Referral will match your requirements against its database of professionals who work in your area. Each Pro is background checked and licensed and insured so that you can hire with confidence. Read the customer reviews, credentials, and business profiles of all of our Pros on the Pro Directory and let a qualified professional turn a difficult project into a completed one!


    While attic fans are a great way to keep the home cool and bring in fresh air many people tend to switch them off because of the noise they produce. However, it is possible to minimize the noise produced by attic fans by understanding the causes and fixing them. When the motor of the fan is rusted, the attic fan can no longer be fixed but must instead be replaced. Busy people can retain the services of an electrician to replace the attic fan and save themselves the time and effort needed to do so.


    Additionally, by making use of the attic fan installation/repair services offered by Pro Referral, a busy person can also reduce the time and effort needed to locate a reliable and experienced electrician to replace the attic fan. This ensures that the home owner and the entire family enjoy the benefits of the attic fan without having to endure the noise or take the time to replace it themselves.

Every homeowner wants to ensure that the home is cool and pleasant in summer without incurring a high energy bill. These twin goals can be met with ease by using the attic fans to pump out stale and heated air and let in fresh air. However, a noisy attic fan cannot be used as the noise disturbs the residents. Simply repairing or replacing the noisy attic fan will enable you to use it continuously.

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