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Why Is My Bathroom Fan So Loud?

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Bathroom > Why Is My Bathroom Fan So Loud?
Why Is My Bathroom Fan So Loud?

The bathroom fan is as essential a piece of bathroom equipment as the faucets and he bath tub. A loud and noisy bathroom fan can destroy the peace and quiet of a bathroom – the qualities that make it such a relaxing place to be in. Not running the fan means a bathroom that is damp, stuffy and often full of odors.


A loud bathroom fan can ruin the whole bathing and dressing experience and get you started for the day on the wrong foot and in the wrong mood. The fan is not a very sophisticated piece of equipment that needs a significant deal of specialized materials and parts to repair it. However, it does operate in a harsh damp environment and often runs continuously for long hours and as such is subject to a lot of wear. Besides the unpleasantness of the sound, the noise can also be an indication that something is wrong and the longer the repair is delayed, the more damage there will be to the fan. When a bathroom fan becomes loud, among the things to check are:

  1. 1.Improper Installation

    Improper installation is one of the most common reasons for a loud fan. If the installation is not correct the fan housing can vibrate and make a harsh noise. If the fan is tilted or fitted at an incline, there will be needless pressure on the bearings and after a time the worn out bearings will make a loud noise.

  2. 2.Using the Wrong Motor

    Having the wrong motor fitted is another common cause of a loud bathroom fan. If the motor is too small for the size and weight of the fan, it will labor to rotate the fan at the desired speed and this strain on the motor will make it loud as well as causing damage that will only increase the amount of noise. Typically, the larger the motor the more noise it makes, so if you have too big a motor fitted to the fan, you will have more noise than with the right size motor.

  3. 3.A Broken Motor

    There are many moving parts in a fan motor that can break – the bearings, shaft, connectors, and so on. In the early stages of becoming loose or partial breakage, these could make the fan very loud and this sound will increase as the damage does till finally the fan stops working.

  4. 4.Fan Blade Contact

    A fan blade touching a part of the fan housing or grille as it spins can cause a very irritating noise. This could be caused either by the fan blade becoming warped or by the housing becoming deformed. And the constant contact of the blade with the fan housing puts a massive strain on the motor which will eventually break down.


    It is also a long shot but this is still a concern: fire. If the blade is impacting another part of the fan this could create a spark because of friction which could lead to a fire. You also do not want to overstrain or overheat the motor either since that could be the causation of a fire as well. Most likely this would not instigate a fire but this is not something you want to take a chance on and not only would the fan be frustratingly annoying when in operation, it is a threat to the integrity of your home.

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  6. 5.Loose Fan Blades

    Fan blades are usually mounted on the fan hub by some screws. If a screw or screws becomes loose, the fan blade will begin to shake and vibrate as it rotates. As the blade becomes looser the noise will increase and in time it is possible that the blade could become completely free of the fan and fly off, possibly causing injury or damage.

  7. 6.Have a Bathroom Fan Repaired with RedBeacon

    When you notice that your bathroom fan is starting to make a noise, it is easy to ignore it and hope it will go away. This is a mistake because generally speaking, the longer the fan runs with the noise, the more damage there will be. It could be that a fan that was repairable had action be taken early is now fit only for the junk yard.


    What is the best course of action when you notice your bathroom fan becoming loud? The first thing to do is to decide if you want and are equipped to try and sort out the problem yourself. If the answer is yes, then you could look for the common problems mentioned above and fix them. But if you are not interested in doing the repairs yourself or the common problems are not the cause of the noise, then getting the help of an expert electrician is the best way to proceed. The problem is where do you find this expert and how can you be sure that he is the best person for the job? Also, if you only attain one quote, how do you know that you are not being overcharged?


    The best thing you can do is to go to the RedBeacon website and register your requirement. RedBeacon will use this information to search its large database to find experts in fan repair and also check their online reviews to ensure that they are as good as they claim to be. Bids will be obtained and forwarded to you to allow you to make an informed decision. And although the RedBeacon guarantee and the high quality of work that is done means that problems are very rare, if you should not be satisfied, you have 24 hours to complain to RedBeacon as they will not release the payment for this period. And you can talk to the experienced professionals at the RedBeacon help desk at any time for any help that you may need.

  8. 7.A Quiet Bathroom is a Peaceful Place

    The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in the house and how it looks and feels is important not just to those who live in the home but also to visitors who may use it. A bathroom fan can be the difference between an unpleasant experience and a happy one. Of course, a noisy fan can ruin everything.

The bathroom s no longer just a room where you spend a few minutes each day getting clean and dressed. It is now a spa and a refuge where a person can spend time relaxing and unwinding from the pressures of modern life. After all, what could be more relaxing than a long soak in hot water in your bathtub? But a bathroom that is damp, stuffy, and/or full of unwanted odors because turning on your fan is even more unpleasant is not a place where you want to spend any time in. A functional bathroom fan is the best way to avoid these problems.

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