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Why is My Doorbell Not Ringing?

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Door & Window > Why is My Doorbell Not Ringing?
Why is My Doorbell Not Ringing?

When your doorbell does not ring you need to use a step-by-step approach to eliminate the various possible problems. This will ensure that you identify the cause and fix it.This systematic approach to the issue will enable you to save money by locating what might be an easy-to-fix issue without replacing the entire doorbell.


If you are handy with a screwdriver and are comfortable working with electricity, it is fairly easy to fix a faulty doorbell in a short time. Of course, you might need a helper (or your son or friend) to press the button for you so that you can test the bell.Sometimes, you might need to replace the doorbell, but this should be done only if you find that the problem cannot be fixed. In general, you will only need a multi-meter to check for potential faults in the doorbell.


However, if you are not comfortable dealing with electrical gadgets, you should ask an electrical contractor to check the doorbell for you and repair it. This could save you time if you are not sure about what exactly you are doing. If you have some instructions, some drive, and read this information perhaps you will be successful. You may have some time on a Saturday morning or Tuesday evening to tackle this household hiccup. If you are not at all interested in figuring this out yourself or you want to get someone over to your home and perhaps watch them so you can handle this issue if it manifests itself again, the professional should accommodate your wishes and be happy for the work.

  1. 1.Faulty Wiring

    Your doorbell might not be ringing because of faulty wiring. To check for this, remove the button and check if the two wires that are connected to the button are attached securely. If one of them is loose, you need to fix it tighten to the button and check the bell by pressing the button. If the bell rings you have fixed the problem. This test can be done quickly and easily and requires only a screwdriver.


    Sometimes the wiring from the button to the chime might have become damaged. To check for this, set the multi-meter to voltage, remove the chime and connect the two wires to the multi-meter. Ask your partner in this endeavor to press the button and check for electricity flow. If the needle of the multi-meter does not move, you need to check the wiring for damage and splice it or pull new wires from the button to the chime.


    If you are not very comfortable with pulling new wires, you should contact a contractor.Alternately; you can replace the chime with a wireless model that runs on batteries.

  2. 2.Check the Button

    When locating the fault in your doorbell you should check the button. First, press the button and listen for a low buzz. If there is no buzzing noise, then it indicates that the button is not working and you need to replace it.


    Another test to check the button for faults is to disconnect one of the two wires and touch the bare end of one to the bare end of the other. If the doorbell rings it indicates that the button is damaged and needs to be replaced.


    Before you purchase a new button, take the old one with you so that you can obtain one in the same size. This will ensure that the button panel fits into the existing location with ease.

  3. 3.Check the Chime Box

    Your doorbell will not ring if the chime box has become damaged. In order to check the chime box, you need to remove it from the mount and fix the two wires connected to it to a multi-meter set to read volts. Next, ask your spouse, child, or friend to press the button and check the needle of the multi-meter. If it moves, then the chime box is receiving electricity but has become damaged. This involves electronic circuitry and requires an electrician to repair it. Sometimes, the electrician will suggest that you replace the chime since it cannot be repaired. In such cases, you need to replace it with a new one.You can choose from a variety of chime boxes such as electronic ones that can be programmed to play music.

  4. 4.Fixing the Door Bell

    Fixing a doorbell that is not ringing requires you to check and identify the precise part that is damaged. Since the doorbell has a button, wiring, and a chime, you need to test each of these sections for damage and identify the cause before you can rectify it. The button and chime should be replaced if damaged and the wiring can either be replaced or spliced.


    Since doorbells require very low power supply, you can safely work with the doorbell system without switching off the power supply when testing it. However, if you are installing a new doorbell you should switch off the power to the doorbell and then proceed with the installation.


    If you want to replace the entire doorbell system, you need to purchase a new button and a new chime. If the wiring needs to be replaced, you need to pull new wires from the button to the chime before you replace the button. Your other option is to purchase a wireless doorbell that runs on batteries and install it without using the wires. Remove the old button, attach the wires to the new button and screw it to the wall. Next, remove the chime and replace it with the new chime.

As a homeowner you are eager to ensure that visitors and guests have access to a working doorbell. To check your doorbell for faults when it does not ring, you must utilize a systematic approach and check its three main components. This will help you determine the parts that need to be repaired or replaced.


Homeowners can easily save money and time by fixing small problems such as a doorbell not ringing. If you are comfortable working with electrical gadgets and appliances, you should be able to fix a doorbell that is not ringing by using a few simple tools such as a multi-meter and a screwdriver. You can always connect with a profession to help fix your doorbell if you are having any trouble doing it yourself.


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