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Why is My Shower Head Leaking?

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Plumbing > Why is My Shower Head Leaking?
Why is My Shower Head Leaking?

A leaky shower head can be so annoying. When you get in the shower, you want a steady, strong stream to get you clean. You don’t want excess water spraying all over the place and you certainly don’t want to waste precious water by sending it unused down the drain.Get to the bottom of shower head leaks by reading this guide.

  1. 1. The leak isn’t coming from the shower head

    The leak isn’t coming from the shower head: Make sure the leak is actually coming from the shower head. Your shower head is actually made up of a few parts that work together to keep the shower head attached while allowing for the free flow of water. Look closely to examine how your shower head is attached. Look for signs of broken or deteriorating screws.

  2. 2. Intro to your O Ring

    Your shower head comes with a rubber washer that helps regulate the flow of water. However, this washer can get old and stop working as well. When that happens, you’ll need to replace it. Never fear, though. The washer is pretty cheap and you can probably make the fix yourself. Take apart the shower head, find the old washer, remove it and attach the new washer.

  3. 3. Check the valves

    Another place to look when getting to the bottom of a shower leak is the water supply valves. These are the valves that help ensure that water flows into your shower. Make sure they are securely attached. Check to make sure they aren’t rusted or damaged in any way.

  4. 4. Clean away buildup

    Your water can have minerals in it. Over time, those minerals can build up and cause your shower head to malfunction. If that is the case, disassemble your shower head and clean it out. There are lots of cleaning products on the market designed specifically to clean calcium and lime deposits. If you are looking for a home remedy, you can also soak your shower head in white vinegar for several hours.

  5. 5. Patch up holes

    Make sure there are no holes around the shower head that the excess water could be coming out of. If you are dealing with holes or rust spots, simply replace the object that is rested or has a hole. This might mean replacing some tile or a metal faceplate. You could use plumber’s tape or plumber’s putty to help you complete the job.

  6. 6. Tighten

    Be careful when tightening or loosening things as you attempt to fix your shower. You want to make sure everything is securely attached, but if you over-tighten, you can damage the fixtures. You also want to be careful when handling the shower head so that you don’t scratch or damage it. You may want to wrap it in a hand towel or soft cloth when removing it.

  7. 7. Turn off the water

    Remember to turn off the water supply before you begin working. That is - unless you’d like to take an impromptu shower. Remind other people in the house to stay out of the shower until you are done your work.

  8. 8. Shower head maintenance

    Don’t wait until something goes wrong, take good care of your shower and all its parts every time you use it. Clean your shower head regularly to eliminate buildup and rust. Replace faulty parts right away before they can cause further damage.

  9. Your shower is an important part of your life. You need it to stay clean and socially acceptable. Take care of your shower by taking care of leaks and your shower will take care of you.

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