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Why Should I Hire a Professional for Glass Replacement?

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Handyman > Why Should I Hire a Professional for Glass Replacement?
Why Should I Hire a Professional for Glass Replacement?

Windows crack and break over time, so glass replacement is one of those handyman jobs that many homeowners tackle without help. There may be times when you’d rather not deal with the process of measuring, choosing glass and installing it into your windows, though.


Hiring a professional to install glass in a window might seem like a luxury, but when you want the job done correctly, there are benefits. Spend your time and effort elsewhere and find an expert who will handle the job quickly and correctly for you.

  1. 1.Benefits of a Professional

    You might be surprised how gratifying it can be to find an expert to install your glass replacement for you. With a professional, the measurements will be correct, thanks to experience and expertise. The professional knows precisely how to measure the windows accurately to ensure that you purchase the correct glass pane size. Hiring a professional also ensures the highest quality workmanship. With professional tools and a strong understanding of the process, your new window glass should be flawless. If any problems occur because of the window glass installation, the expert will correct the problems as a part of the services provided.

  2. 2.Type of Repair

    If moisture infiltrates through window joints or sashes, it’s possible that the wood could deteriorate where it holds the glass. If this occurs, the glass could become loose, which would allow air to seep through the window. If the wood deteriorates, it also might fail to hold the glass in place, causing the glass to fall out of the window and break. Sometimes glass develops chips or cracks without breaking completely. The caulking around the window glass will gradually break down over time, which means that it might not hold the glass in place effectively. In multi-paned windows, you might notice fogging between the panes, indicating a break in a seal somewhere in the window. Even if a window doesn’t break completely, leaving chips and cracks in the window can create a safety hazard. The glass will not have the same strength that it would without chips and cracks, meaning that it could break without warning at any time.


    As you consider replacing window glass, don’t forget to think about upgrading the type of window glass with the installation. By installing an energy-efficient glass such as low-E, you can improve weatherization and efficiency of your home. This can help save you significant money down the road by choosing a more efficient type of glass.

  3. 3.Location

    Some windows are easy to access on the first floor of a home and other windows require some creativity to reach them, as well as bravery. When you have high or inaccessible windows in need of repair, find a professional to take care of this work for you. Hiring an expert ensures that your new glass installs correctly, it minimizes the chance for costly mistakes, and also prevents injury from occurring during the installation process.

  4. 4.Size and Style

    A standard double-hung window might not take much special effort or skills to replace the glass, but some windows have architectural innovations that make them more challenging for glass replacement. If you have custom windows or windows in unusual sizes and shapes, finding glass to fit them might be challenging. Even if you have glass specially cut, the installation process will be complicated and challenging to ensure that the glass fits without issue. Hiring a professional for these glass replacement projects eliminates your worry and effort to complete the job correctly.

  5. 5.Professional Replacement

    The glass replacement professional will measure the glass area to determine the precise size of window glass necessary for the job. The professional also has materials connections to ensure that he finds the correct type of glass for your window application. The professional will prepare the work area prior to the process and then clean up after he finishes installing the glass. Hiring a professional frees you from worrying about any of the details in connection with the entire process, even down to the tiny clean-up details.

  6. 6.Glass Replacement Cost

    Once you determine that you’re ready to move forward with hiring a professional to take care of your glass replacement job, you might be interested to know what this might cost you. To have a professional install the glass, expect to pay between $86 and $281 per window, depending on your geographical location and other specifics regarding the project, such as the type of window glass and the location of the window. If you have a group of windows that require glass replacement, you might succeed in negotiating a special rate by purchasing replacements for many windows at one time. To learn more, see our Glass Replacement Cost Guide.

  7. 7.Pro Referral Glass Replacement Services

    Make the process even easier by placing Pro Referral in charge of the glass replacement. Every one of our pros are background checked, licensed and insured so that you can hire with confidence. Read the customer reviews, credentials, and business profiles of all of our pros, and let a qualified professional turn a difficult project into a completed one.


    Stop suffering with broken or malfunctioning windows, and replace the glass to restore them. Pro Referral will make the process as painless as possible, and when it’s finished you’ll have a clear view of the world once again.

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