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Why Should I Hire a Professional to Hang a Mirror

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Handyman > Why Should I Hire a Professional to Hang a Mirror
Why Should I Hire a Professional to Hang a Mirror

Mirrors can add striking detail to any interior room. By pulling mirrors out of just the bathroom and bedroom, you can inject an unexpected touch of beauty and elegance to any area of your home.


As engaging as mirrors can be on your walls, they are not without challenges. Depending on the style and size of the mirror, it may be exceedingly heavy. Perhaps you’re not quite certain about the proper location and hanging height of the mirror. This is where a professional comes in to save your decorating day. By hiring an expert, your mirror will go up without effort or issue.

  1. 1.Benefits of Hiring a Professional

    Mirrors often involve ornate frames that cover a large expanse. One mistake in handling and hanging your mirror, and you’ll lose it forever. By hiring a professional, you’ll have the assurance of an expert possessing the skills and knowledge necessary to hang the heavy object in a secure and safe fashion. An expert will have knowledge of the various options for hanging and will guide you to choose the option that fits both the wall surface and the mirror.

  2. 2.Size of Mirror

    Large mirrors can be heavy and they often come with a hefty price tag. Handling and hanging a large mirror may be too cumbersome and difficult for the average homeowner. A professional has the tools and materials necessary to hang even a large mirror successfully. Left to your own installation techniques, it’s possible that the hanging option you choose could fail, which might cause the mirror to fall and shatter.

  3. 3.Style of Mirror

    Some mirrors have strong and sturdy frames and others are more fragile and delicate. A vintage or antique frame might have ornate gilding that could break easily as you handle it. The frame surrounding the mirror contributes directly to its weight. If a mirror has a small or insignificant frame, the mirror won’t be excessively heavy. Mirrors also vary in style with some having a simple shape and frame style and others demanding center stage in a room due to the size and frame. If your mirror has exceptional monetary or emotional value, don’t risk damage during or after installation by allowing someone without the necessary skills to hang it.

  4. 4.Quantity of Mirrors

    An innovative decorating technique involves hanging a grouping of mirrors on one wall. The finished effect of this design can be dramatic and inspired. If you wish to install a grouping of mirrors, a professional will provide important guidance about the safest hanging technique that will ensure the secure installation of every mirror.


    Perhaps you have a collection of different mirrors that you want to hang throughout your home. Hiring a professional would also be an efficient option to streamline the installation and ensure that your mirrors hang securely.

  5. 5.Location Where Mirror Will be Hung

    You have a variety of location options for hanging mirrors. Placing a mirror in the entryway creates a feel of elegance in your foyer. Avoid placing the mirror in front of the front door, however, because guests will see their refection the moment they step into your home. Instead, hang the mirror on an adjacent wall – perhaps over a table – to afford anyone a final glance in the mirror prior to leaving the house.


    You might add a mirror to a long and narrow hallway to open up this area and create the illusion of space. Hanging mirrors in living areas can infuse additional light into a dark area. Mirrors also make rooms seem more spacious. If you have a room without many windows or a room that lacks a view, a mirror can be effective for distributing natural light into a dreary area.


    If you struggle with finding the ideal location for hanging a mirror, consider hiring a professional interior decorator with expertise not only in hanging the mirror, but also in finding the perfect spot for it in your home. Don’t forget, the hanging height is also important and an expert will guide you in the proper height for hanging your mirror.

  6. 6.Safe Handling/Care

    You won’t get a second chance if a mistake happens in handling or hanging your mirror. One wrong move and you’ll be cleaning up splinters of glass for weeks. With a professional, you can relax knowing that your mirror is in the best hands possible. When it goes up on the wall, it will stay there until you take it down.

  7. 7.Cost to Hire a Professional to Hang a Mirror

    The time it takes to hang a mirror might surprise you, because the process of installing the hanging hardware or brackets can take time. Securing a heavy mirror into studs behind the drywall is an important task that ensures your mirror will stay in place. Depending on your geographical location, the size of the mirror, the number of mirrors and other details, you can expect to pay between $77 and $177 to hire a professional to hang one mirror. If you have more than one mirror, you may be able to negotiate a different rate to hang several mirrors. To learn more, see our price guide on Mirror Hanging Costs.

  8. 8.Mirror Hanging Service

    Once you’re convinced that you don’t want to climb a ladder and search for studs in your wall, let Redbeacon help you hang your mirror. Redbeacon will provide you with a list of contractors you might hire to install your mirror. Any of these professionals would handle the job with ease, but you can choose the one that fits your style and budget. After hiring a contractor through Redbeacon, you can forget about the project because Redbeacon will handle all the details on your behalf.


    Add the design elegance you want to the rooms in your home with mirrors. By hiring a professional, you’ll know that the mirrors are in good hands.

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