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Why Should I Hire a Tile Repair Service?

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Flooring > Why Should I Hire a Tile Repair Service?
Why Should I Hire a Tile Repair Service?

While your tile probably looked flawless and beautiful after installation, with time and use, interior tile often suffers in appearance. If your tile needs repair and maintenance, don’t take matters into your own hands. Not only is tile repair messy and intricate work, you’ve got better things to do with your free time.


By hiring a tile repair service, you have the assurance of quality work on your interior tile. Regrouting the tiles or fixing chipped or cracked pieces will be a simple thing for a professional to resolve for you. Don’t risk causing more damage than already exists with an amateur repair job.

  1. 1.Benefits of Hiring a Professional

    Hiring a professional has several key benefits. A professional understands the tile materials and grout you have in your home to ensure correct repair services to the tiles. A professional has the tools and equipment necessary to make repairs to a variety of different tiles. Some tiles might even need replacing, in which case the professional will need to remove the existing tile and install a new one in its place.

  2. 2.Types of Tile Repair

    Chipping and cracking are common damage that might occur to tiles. This damage might happen with strong impact, such as dropping a heavy item on the tiles. It’s also possible that tiles will become scratched over time, necessitating repair. If tiles have waterproof glazing over the top, this glazing might become damaged, which can reduce the waterproof protection of the tiles. If tiles become discolored, you will need to replace them because it’s impossible to restore color in tile surfaces. Tiles might become loose over time. Optimally, replacement is the best solution for loose tiles. If you cannot replace a tile, a professional will rebond the loose tile by injecting special adhesive through special holes drilled in the grout lines located around the loose tile. After the adhesive sets, the professional will fill in the holes with additional grout. Grout often becomes stained or it cracks and flakes away over time. When this happens, hire a professional to clean the grout, replace it and then reseal it to prevent additional stains from occurring.

  3. 3.Style and Design

    Tiles come in a variety of materials, styles and designs. Some tiles may be more difficult to repair or replace, especially if you cannot easily find replacement tiles that match. It’s always wise to purchase a few extra tiles to keep on hand after you install tiles to ensure that you have extras for replacing damaged tiles.


    Porcelain tiles are exceedingly hard and durable, coming in a variety of colors and designs. With porcelain tiles, you may be less likely to need to perform tile repairs because of their durability.


    Terra-cotta tiles are porous and less durable. If you have terra-cotta tiles in your home, expect to perform repairs due to scratches, chips and cracks. Have additional tiles on hand for this purpose to ensure a perfect match.


    Tile texture plays a significant role in the amount of maintenance and repairs that will be necessary for the tiles. Tiles with smooth texture will become scratched and dull from dirt and grit; whereas, tiles with texture will not suffer the same degree of scratching and dullness.


    Tile color also has an impact on tile maintenance. Striking whites and blacks will show dulling from dirt. Earth tone tiles will not need the same amount of maintenance to avoid dullness.

  4. 4.Size and Location

    The size of the tiles in relation to the size of a room can have a big impact. Smaller rooms might seem larger with large tiles. Larger rooms might seem cluttered and overwhelmed with small tiles. Smaller tiles generally resist cracking more effectively than larger tiles.

  5. 5.Tile Repair Cost

    The cost to repair your tiles depends on the extent of the repairs and your geographic location. Repair costs also depend on the tiling materials and any other preparation work necessary to perform the repairs. A tile repair project will range in price between $139 and $526 to perform the work necessary to prepare the work area, make the repairs and clean up after the repairs.

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