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How Much Does Window Cleaning Cost?

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Cleaning > How Much Does Window Cleaning Cost?
How Much Does Window Cleaning Cost?

Hiring a professional to clean the windows in your home is a convenient way to handle a cumbersome periodic or seasonal task. The number of windows and floors in your home, as well as the services you select will help determine the price for your window cleaning. Professional window cleaners are trained and equipped to provide efficient and thorough window service, whether one time or on a regular basis.

Average Prices

Window Cleaning for Homes and Businesses

Most window cleaners provide both residential and commercial services, though the requirements for different types of buildings have an effect on pricing. The national average rate for cleaning windows in a single-family home is $145. Apartment and commercial buildings often feature different architectural and window styles than homes, which means rates for cleaning them are $147 and $161, respectively.


Cleaning the Inside and the Outside of Your Windows

The level of services you select for widow cleaning has a direct impact on the price for your job, and one common option to consider is whether to have both sides of your windows cleaned. Contractors may price cleaning the outside of windows higher than cleaning the inside, since ladders or special tools are typically required. The average price for cleaning only the inside of a home’s windows is $121, compared to $158 for the outside and $160 for cleaning both inside and outside surfaces. Windows that are difficult to access may require your contractor to bring in special tools or equipment that may increase your costs, as may unusual scheduling that is needed to access your home for cleaning interior glass.


Cleaning Windows with Screens

Some window cleaning providers offer screen-cleaning services along with standard glass cleaning. Regardless of your options, screens may have to be removed in order to access your windows. The complexity of this task may depend on whether the screens must be removed from the outside or inside of the house, and if they are to be reinstalled or left out for seasonal storage. Nationally, the average rate for cleaning windows without screens is $168 and $150 for windows with screens. Be sure to discuss with your contractor if and how he can service your screens, and how your different options affect the overall price of your project.


Building Height

Window cleaning services typically price your job based on the number, size, style, and height of the windows to clean. Reaching the outside of windows on higher levels of your home requires the use of ladders or staging, adding time and difficulty to the job. Window cleaning prices average $132 for single-story homes, $156 for two-story houses, $176 for three levels, and $148 for a four-story home. Special lift equipment for reaching hard-to-access windows may add substantial costs to your job, due to the expense of the equipment, difficulty in transporting it, and the training needed to operate it.


Number of Windows

The number of windows in your home is a clear factor in the cost of your cleaning services. While the size and location of your windows help your contractor calculate prices, the total number of them influences overall pricing. Homes with less than 10 windows cost an average of $125 to clean, while houses with 10-20 windows cost about $153, and those with 20-30 average $167.


Find Window Cleaning Services Near You

Whether for a one-time cleaning or for regular window maintenance, hiring a professional window cleaning service is an excellent alternative to taking on this difficult job yourself. Thoroughly evaluate the ease with which your contractor can access all the windows you would like to have cleaned, and discuss any special services or requirements you have with him. A clear understanding of your needs and a complete evaluation of your home will help you plan for hiring a cleaning service, and will help your contractor calculate accurate pricing.

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