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Window Locks and Home Safety Advice

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Window Locks and Home Safety Advice

When your home is your castle, keeping it safe and secure will be a high priority. Because a would-be intruder would search for even the smallest opportunities when looking for a way into a home, it’s important to consider every detail to make your house secure against intrusion and theft.


If you’re not sure where to begin, visit the Olympia, Washington, website for an overview of home security. Experts recommend that homeowners create a specific outdoor appearance to discourage vandalism and break-ins.


Home property crimes are often a matter of opportunity. By paying attention to window locks and following home safety advice, your home and your family can be safer.

  1. 1.Window Locks

    Experts recommend that homeowners create a specific outdoor appearance to discourage vandalism and break-ins.

    Casement windows generally have hinges along one side edge with a crank at the bottom that opens the window out. When the window is in the closed position, casement windows have a latching mechanism that should hold it tightly shut so that no one can pry it open from the outside. To make your casement windows even more secure, drill a hole through the frame of the latch and the handle of the latch. Insert a lock through the two holes to keep the window latch closed.


    Sliding windows slide along a track to open and close. With the windows in the closed position, you can install a lock that will prevent the window from opening completely. These anti-sliding locks may be special pins that fit into place or you could even just place a thick dowel into the bottom track of the window to keep it from opening.

  2. 2.Door Locks

    That little spring lock in the doorknob won’t stop a burglar who wants to enter your house. Supplement these locks with deadbolt locks designed to keep out intruders. Choose a deadbolt with a hardened steel cylinder and a bolt that extends into the doorjamb a minimum of 1 inch. Don’t forget to check out your hinges while you’re installing a new deadbolt – if your doors open out, an intruder could just lift out the hinge pins to remove the door completely.

  3. 3.Find Vulnerabilities

    Assess your home from the outside to see it through an intruder’s eyes. Look for vulnerabilities that would appeal to a burglar – places where an intruder would feel confident about gaining access. A door without a deadbolt, windows without locks and dark entryways where it’s easy to hide are just some of the exterior situations that could make your home vulnerable to crime.

  4. 4.Make it Hard to Hide

    Keep the outside of your home well lit with motion-sensor lighting that activates at the slightest movement outside. If you have trees and shrubs near your entryways, keep them groomed and trimmed to eliminate hiding places for intruders. Although a fence can give you and your family privacy while spending time in your yard, it can also give a burglar privacy while he breaks into your home.

  5. 5.Alarm System

    While an alarm system won’t guarantee your safety, it may discourage crimes against your property. Once you have an alarm system installed in your home and activated, any entry will sound an alarm both at your house and at the alarm company. This will lead to the alarm company contacting you to determine whether you need help from the police or fire department or whether you tripped the alarm accidentally. When you provide criminals with the opportunity to commit crimes against your home, they may take you up on your offer. Instead, take steps to make your home uninviting and burglars may keep moving.

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