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Winter Tree Trimming Preparation

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Landscaping > Winter Tree Trimming Preparation
Winter Tree Trimming Preparation

The winter time can be rough on trees. Powerful winds, snow and ice can cause once strong branches to weaken and break. Those broken branches and fallen trees aren’t just harmful to the tree – they can be dangerous for other people, damage nearby homes, and take out power lines.


If you notice your trees are in need of trimming, the winter time is actually a pretty good time to do it because there won’t be a lot of fruit or foliage to get in the way.


There are some things you should know before you have your tree trimming work done. Learn all about it by reading this tree trimming preparation guide.

  1. If you notice your trees are in need of trimming, the winter time is actually a pretty good time to do it because there won’t be a lot of fruit or foliage to get in the way.

    1.Inspect your Trees for Problem Areas

    If you have trees on your property, it’s a good idea to inspect them periodically. These inspections will help you spot disease, decay or weakness in the trees. Take a good look at your trees to identify spots you think will need trimming.

  2. 2.Water,Water Everywhere

    Don’t forget that your trees could still require care even though the weather has grown cool. If you notice that a lot of time has gone by since your area last had a good rain or snowfall, give your trees some water. You can help your trees retain moisture by distributing a layer of mulch at the base of your tree.

  3. 3.Prune your Trees

    Pruning your trees won’t just eliminate dead or damaged material. It can also help the healthy parts of the trees to grow and flourish once the weather turns warm again. Experts say that properly pruned fruit trees yield more fruit and well-maintained flowering trees produce more flowers.

  5. 4.Find a Good Professional

    Find someone who you trust to do your tree trimming work. Professionals are knowledgeable about plant life in a way most other people aren’t. They know how to do the work without harming the overall health of the tree. Also, they have the experience and equipment to work high off the ground without injuring themselves or others.

  6. 5.Figure Out What to Do with Tree Waste

    Your tree trimming professionals may get rid of the waste for you – but they may not. Make sure you know whether they will before the work begins. Check with local officials to find out whether there are any rules outlining how and where plant refuge is disposed of.

  7. 6.Warn your family and neighbors

    Tree work isn’t just potentially dangerous for the person doing it – it could be dangerous for passersby as well. The professionals you hire will probably have special safety equipment to keep bystanders from getting injured around the work site. However, you can help them by making sure your family and neighbors know to steer clear of the work area.


    As a responsible homeowner, it’s important that you keep the trees on your property healthy and safe. Winter tree trimming is a great way to do just that. Find an expert who knows what he or she is doing and keep an eye out for disease and infestation. Do the right thing and, once spring and summer hit, your neighbors will ooh and ahh over your green thumb!

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