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How Much Does Wood Beam Installation Cost?

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Carpentry > How Much Does Wood Beam Installation Cost?
How Much Does Wood Beam Installation Cost?

Whether for structural support or design appeal, installing wood beams is a substantial project that can be completed safely and efficiently by a qualified carpenter or building contractor. The purpose of your beams and the characteristics of the installation site are important considerations in pricing the project. Fitting decorative beams in a finished room is generally uncomplicated, while installing structural supports can be a complex and disruptive job.

Average Prices

Number of Beams

With the exception of initial staging and setup, the same level of preparation is generally required for the installation of each beam in your project. Nationally, the average price for installing 1 to 5 beams is $482, compared to $916 for 5-10 and $1362 for 10-15 beams. The location of the installation and its proximity to your contractor’s staging area may affect the time needed for the job. Also, installing beams in several areas of your home or for different applications may add to the complexity and expense of the project.


Length of Beams

The length of the beams required for your project can influence installation rates, since extra manpower or tools may be needed to maneuver and secure longer beams. Structural beams can be extremely heavy, requiring your contractor to bring in a large crew or lift equipment to move and hoist them. Beams up to 10 feet in length are generally simple to handle and are installed for an average of $319 in the U.S., while a beam 15’ long may cost $407 to install. Placing beams as long as 20’ can cost $566 compared to $1403 for one 25’ long.


Finishing Wood Beams

The finish of exposed wood beams can make a significant design statement in any room. The type of finish you select and the ease of applying paint or stain may affect the expense of the installation. Discuss with your contractor whether he will prepare and apply the finish for your beams or if you will need to hire a painting contractor for that aspect of the job, and if it should be done prior to installation or after. Installing beams with a stained finish costs an average of $572, since extensive preparation may be needed to apply an attractive and lasting finish. Painting wood beams may involve fewer steps than staining, with installations completed for about $443.


Planning for a Wood Beam Installation

Installing wood beams in your home may be necessary to reinforce an aging structure or to provide adequate support for a new area during renovations, but may be a cosmetic addition to provide a casual or rustic look to your décor. Regardless of your application, the size and number of beams installed, as well as the characteristics of your installation site will influence the cost of your project. Discuss with your contractor how these factors will affect the job to help you plan and budget for your wood beam installation.

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