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Ben Dailey & Son, LLC

Ben Dailey & Son, LLC


My Great Grandfather originally founded Ben Dailey & Son in 1901 and was highly regarded for doing all the trim work in the State Capital. In 1996 we started basing our fees on the time to complete the project rather than the standard practice of marking up the subcontracts’ fee by as much as ...

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by Sarah from ATLANTA, GA on April 23, 2015
Patrick was very responsive and on time for my project. He kept me in the loop on scheduling and his team even completed the job ahead of schedule! I now have an awesome patio to enjoy the warmer weather. I would definitely recommend him!
by DAVID from Atlanta, GA on March 15, 2014
Patrick was always on time. He was very professional working with his clients. Patrick went above and beyond. He was always good at working with the changing schedules of the construction. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a contractor.
by Jay from Atlanta, GA on January 02, 2014
Patrick (Ben) performed an outstanding service at our office. Our office is a rented suite and the care that is needed to perform re-construction, demolition in a rented suite can only be told by an office renter. Him and his team performed very well. A few noteworthy points: 1. ALWAYS came on time - I think punctuality is one of the strongest points for Patrick (Ben) and his team 2. Courteous - always followed up on any work and made sure we were all comfortable. 3. Great Workmanship - his team had excellent people and we got the job done very efficiently 4. Cut throat prices - I do not believe anyone on the market can deliver a more efficiently done job in the time frame and cost that Patrick gave us. I am very happy with his work and in fact his final invoice was much lower than the estimate he gave before (NOTE to New customers: Do not get startled or annoyed by the initial estimates, as I have come to know they are only estimates and there is a lot more to be said about workmanship and efficiency than just numbers) - Imagine an electrical outlet broken up by workers and then management billing the tenants or worst yet, imagine it causing electrical surges on computers or a water line broke, causing havoc. I would highly recommend Patrick and his team and hope to stay in touch for all our future work. Great Job Patrick! Thank you
by John from Marietta, GA on December 04, 2013
Very Good
by Shannon from Atlanta, GA on October 23, 2013
Patrick and his team were always on time, very professional and clean. They worked within my budget (which was very important to me) and identified problems when they arose and fixed them before I had to ask. I would definitely use them again and highly recommend them.
by Max from Smyrna, GA on September 04, 2013
by doron from Atlanta, GA on August 02, 2013
He was great - arrived on time for the quotation, for the work, kept us informed on everything, completed in time, cleaned up well, and in addition, very friendly. Very unusual to get a contractor this punctual!
by Erick from 30306, GA on January 28, 2013
Ben Dailey & Son did an excellent job on my bath tub re-tiling. They were on-time every day and kept me informed of progress every step of the way. The end result is fantastic.
by Peter from Atlanta, GA on January 21, 2013
Patrick was wonderful to work with! He showed up on time and was very flexible with our additional requests. His crew did an excellent job on my shed! I couldn't be happier. He admitted that he went over budget but honored is original estimate! I would recommend Ben Dailey & Son to anyone. We are discussing other home improvement projects already. Thanks Patrick!
by Colby from Atlanta, GA on January 13, 2013
Did a great job. Highly recommend!

  • Backsplash Installation
  • Barn / Shed Repair
  • Bathroom Remodel
  • Brick, Stone, Block Wall Installation
  • Carpentry Framing
  • Custom Iron Door Installation
  • Barn / Shed Build
  • Basement Remodel
  • Bathtub Installation
  • Cabinet Installation
  • Closet Build
  • Deck Build

I have known Patrick Dailey for 16 years. Having spent half my life designing and building homes, I am very considerate when making recommendations such as this. Patrick is a hard worker, does what he says he's going to do, and always is very conscientious about his work and has always gone the extra mile to make whomever he's providing his services to satisfied. I have always felt that Patrick and I would work together someday, and I can count on one hand those that I've felt that way about. I've managed managers and large teams on several different kinds of projects and also witnessed Patrick do the same. I have no second thoughts about recommending Patrick, the project he did for me he did with care and perseverance and I was delighted when he was done. Feel free to contact me at for more elaboration.
- Edward Douglas , Park City, UT
Ben Dailey and son did work on my home recently. I was and still am satisfied with the job. They are skilled and knowledgable. The job was relatively small but they didn't treat it as insignifigant. The work was done to my liking in a short time. I was imptessed with the personsl attention I got from Patrick Dailey in particular. They were not the cheapest bid nor the highest. I chose them off of a gut feeling. I will use them again.
- charlie johnson , atlanta ga.
We hired Ben Dailey and Son because of the companies open and honest "Flat Fee" billing to remodel our kitchen. Ben Dailey and Son's approach is refeshing as we new ALL cost prior to the remodel. Not only did he adhere to our budget they completed the job on time. Done right done on time what more could you ask for!
- Mike Culler , Atlanta, GA
I hired Patrick to replace a skylight in my kitchen. This was my first time working with him and I liked not having to put any money up front for the project (I've been burned by contractors taking the money & running before). I dragged my feet on looking for a replacement, but Patrick would check in periodically. I appreciated that even on such a small job as this, he was very interested in my business, plus his quote was exactly the same as another contractor's. He showed up on time, he kept me in the loop, and he handled a minor issue that arose after installation promptly. I'll definitely use him again!
- Sara H , Atlanta, GA 30312
In 2006 we needed to add on 2BR and a Jack/Jill Bath. This was a total of 750 Sq Ft on to our 1930's bungalo. The Ben Dailey group found great subs (the framing guy was really good) and helped not only in the construction but with the design AND with the permitting. They not only went with me to the city but went twice on their own to help move the permit process along. The project came in within out budget - and that was 25% below the per Sq Ft off of any other contractor. Therefore in 2012 when we wanted to finish and expand our Master Bath there was only one contractor we considered. Again Ben Daily found and managed the 'subs' and gave us a project on time and in line with our expectations. The communication, subs and coordination were all good. We were very pleased and would use them again.
- Alex , Atlanta, GA
I wanted to post a review on a general contractor on a recent service request for my home. The contractor is Ben Dailey & Son. I can't say enough good things about Patrick and his company. He was very flexible and worked around my schedule. Personally, I just loved how he conducted business-"you don't owe me a dime until you're happy." I had a small basement refinishing job that involved some light electrical, one framing of a wall, and installing drywall. From start to finish it was an excellent job; the craftmanship of his subs are superb. I highly recommend this firm and would gladly use him again in the future.
- John Henderson , Marietta, Ga.
Patrick was absolutely great to work with from the beginning to end of the project. I was out of town for the entire project, but he kept me updated with texts as well as pictures. I love his "fixed price" approach as it really helps budget appropriately, and I am sure he went over the total quote but stuck by his original estimate. He is a pleasure to work with, and I look forward to working with him again in the future.
- Max , Smyrna, GA
I have a range of repairs and larger projects that I need done in my home and in a 3 story building in downtown Atlanta. Ben Dailey & Sons have always been reliable from call back to showing up on time. I feel that the pricing is very competitive and they are always my first call. If they can't do it, which is rare, they find someone who can.
- tim smith , atlanta Ga
I highly recommend Ben Dailey & Son Contractors as their experience, and professionalism far exceed that I have ever experienced before. T. Patrick Dailey was highly recommended to me within the Grant Park community. I called him to set up an appointment. He was very courteous and listened to what my issue was at hand. T. Patrick immediately stopped by my home within 15 minutes after my phone call to examine the issue. My bathroom shower wall gave way due to an unknown leak in the shower head. This leak had been undetected for many years prior to my purchase in December 2012. T. Patrick provided me with a very accurate, quick assessment and advised me on what I should look to have performed to have the issue resolved. T. Patrick put our project as an immediate priority, and within two days his team arrived on time to start the work to repair the damage. The team was very punctual every day during the entire project. T. Patrick's team leader, Alex, was very polite, professional and all team members were very careful not to damage the property or my home in anyway. Before any work began, the crew immediately placed protective flooring on top of my wooden floors and took a high level of care to ensure no damage was incurred. The entire crew was very professional, polite and really did an excellent job. I have rarely seen such craftsmanship as it is indeed an art. Every team member was highly respectful and good at communicating with each other and to me what was occurring with the job. T. Patrick made it a priority to daily provide detailed job orders to his crew, continuously communicated with the crew, and discussed the progress or any decisions that needed to be made with me prior to performing work. The entire job was extremely well organized and orchestrated. Truly, it was impressive! The detail of work involved is difficult on a historical house like mine as no walls are square and typically it is an unknown what you will run into with an home that is over 100 years old. The work involved reframing the walls, leveling, adding support, and reframing the floors, moving the shower drain and waste drain ( I moved the toilet from one side to the other of the room), removing drywall from the bathroom and the dining room, spraying for any chance of mold and removal of any mold that was present, tiling the floor, bathroom shower, installation of toilet, moving the wash basin water and drain into the wall instead of draining into the floor, removal and replacing floor boards, mudding drywall and painting. What was the most surprising was the accuracy T. Patrick provided to what he had suspected to be the problem, how much work would need to be conducted and most likely what this would involve. Again, with an historical home only true experience and know-how could be as accurate. I was again very impressed with all the different crew members, their expertise in their work, the quality of the work performed, and the care they displayed. In my particular instance, my toilet had to be removed and replaced daily as it was the only functional toilet in the home. Daily the team would remove and reinstall the toilet to ensure I had facilities. This only comes with caring for your client and understanding their situation; placing yourself in your client's shoes. I was very impressed with the integrity and honesty T.Patrick displayed during the entire process. Not once did T. Patrick use a shortcut or present less than quality in performance to match his bid. Again, the highest level of performance and professionalism was experienced. I found this amazing as I am a very informed individual and a perfectionist when it comes to craftsmanship and abilities in contracting. The work performed was above expectation. I highly recommend this contractor and plan to have this team perform the many other projects that I have at my home. It is comforting to know there is an honest, true craftsman firm that not only gets the job done to perfection but takes pride in their work and bettering their community. The quality of the work will last and be appreciated for years to come. Thank you!
- Gale June Utzinger, A.B.D. , Atlanta, GA