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Build Garden Bed

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Adding a garden bed to your property can create a dramatic landscape element with shrubs and flowering plants, or provide a convenient site for growing vegetables and herbs. A qualified landscape or garden designer can help you plan a garden bed that is suited for your needs and location, and that will enhance the outdoor living areas of your home.

Do I Need a Garden Bed Built?

Garden beds may be simple wooden boxes built atop the ground, or elaborate structures and features that create a major focal point in your yard. Building garden beds requires knowledge of landscaping, construction, and horticulture, and can be a time and labor-intensive project. Experienced contractors can select appropriate materials for your beds and complete construction, and even planting, in record time.

What Are the Benefits of Having a Garden Bed Built?

Garden beds provide a dedicated planting area for edible or ornamental plants, and are often bordered and built up higher than ground level to improve drainage, prevent erosion, and isolate the area from lawns and foot traffic. Depending on their size, raised planting beds are often easier to maintain than traditional garden plots and can be planted more densely, since space is not used for walking or garden equipment. A professionally-built garden bed can be placed and assembled according to your needs and maintenance requirements, filled with high-quality soil, and established with your choice of plants or prepared for your to plant on your own.

What Size Garden Bed Do I Need?

The size of your garden bed should be based on its purpose and location. Ornamental planting beds should be kept in scale and balance with existing landscape features, while the size of edible gardens may relate to variety and production. Raised vegetable beds are typically a maximum of four feet wide to allow for reaching in the bed without stepping inside the planting area, while the width of a flower bed may be planned according to aesthetics rather than ease of maintenance.

What Types of Garden Bed Builds Exist?

Garden beds are generally in-ground or raised, with the former established at ground level and the latter built within a structure on top of the ground. Raised beds are often built with wood, brick, stone, or metal, while in-ground beds may integrate with your lawn or have a low border.

How Long Does It Take to Build a Garden Bed?

The time needed for garden bed construction will depend on its type and size, but most new installations are ready for planting within a day. Building a wood framed raised garden bed may take only a few hours, though installing a masonry wall for a planting bed could take an entire day. Preparing a site for an in-ground bed could take a full day or more since sod must be removed and soil tilled and amended.

What Materials Are Needed for a Garden Bed Build?

In-ground garden beds utilize the existing soil at the installation site, but compost or fertilizer may be added to improve the soil and a border installed to enhance appearance and prevent weed growth. Constructing a raised bed may call for lumber, bricks, stones, or corrugated sheet steel along with mesh lining, hardware and supports, and prepared soil to fill the bed.

Does a Garden Bed Build Have Any Hidden Charges?

Garden bed installations are generally priced according to the project type, size, and materials, and have a low likelihood of hidden expenses. Be sure to address with your installer though, if soil and plant materials are included with your installation, or if they come at additional cost.

How Much Does It Cost to Have a Garden Bed Built?

The cost for building a garden bed varies with the nature of the job, with national prices ranging from $144 to $694. Our Garden Bed Installation Price Guide addresses several factors that contribute to the cost of the project, and your installer can help you determine what materials and bed styles are appropriate for your application to help you plan and budget for the job.

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