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Cabinet Repair

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Find Trusted Cabinet Repair Pros

With the help of a professional contractor and a few simple repairs, you can drastically improve the look of your cabinets and finally allow them to be the star of the room. Submit and get matched with pre-screened, top-rated cabinet repair professionals close to you.

Do I Need My Cabinets Repaired?

Updating your kitchen by refurbishing your cabinets can make a huge impact on the most commonly used room in your home. A skilled carpenter can work with your existing materials to enhance their overall appearance, as well as repair years of damage from general wear and tear.

What Are The Benefits of Cabinet Repairs?

For optimal results, use a professional to improve the functionality of your kitchen cabinets in need of repair. They will help restore old hinges, replace broken cabinet doors, realign sagging shelves, and can even refinish the surface materials for a drastic new change.

What Types of Cabinet Upgrades Are Available?

Repairing those worn, outdated kitchen cabinets shouldn’t be a dreaded task. Professional carpenters can upgrade your cabinets by replacing loose hardware, fixing damaged hinges, removing surface scratches and dents, staining, painting, replacing drawer fronts, and changing cabinet doors. Often times these repairs are necessary to complete at once to avoid a second service call, which can save you substantial time and money.

How Long Does a Cabinet Repair Take?

Repairs can take several days to complete if your kitchen cabinets are in need of extensive restoration. This includes sanding, staining or painting, replacing hardware, and realigning the hinges. Smaller jobs will take significantly less time to complete, often between 30 minutes and an hour per cabinet.

What Materials Are Needed to Repair a Cabinet?

To improve and repair your cabinets, the job requires new cabinet hardware, hinges, sandpaper, primer, paint, stain or varnish, a dropcloth, paint brushes, cabinet doors and drawers, and drawer slides. When replacing your cabinets and drawers, be sure to match the material it’s made of, which could be in the form of wood, laminate, or steel.

Do Cabinet Repairs Have Any Hidden Charges?

Depending on what type of material your cabinets are, you could end up paying more for higher quality woods and steel front replacements. Cabinet hardware can also be expensive, so be aware that brass, bronze, and stainless steel will certainly cost more than a nickel finish.

How Much Does a Cabinet Repair Cost?

Cabinet repairs can be done relatively inexpensively compared to replacing them entirely, but will depend on the types of repairs involved and the number of cabinets. For cabinet repairs that include re-facing, refinishing, repainting, and replacing hardware, it can cost between $370 and $550. Keep in mind however, extensive repairs can reach an upwards of $900 to complete. To learn more, see our Cabinet Repair Cost Guide.

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