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Ceiling Fan Repair

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Ceiling fans are a great addition to any room to help improve air circulation, while also adding an extra element of design. When your ceiling fan stops working, it can make all the difference in the overall efficiency and functionality of it, which makes it extremely important to maintain your fan with regular repairs and upkeep.

Do I Need My Ceiling Fan Repaired

Repairing your ceiling fan is crucial for a number of reasons, mainly to alleviate those bothersome noises, electrical shortages, and unaligned fan blades. While several problems can be fixed on your own, it’s best to let a professional safely handle the repairs to prevent injury or damage to your home.

What Are The Benefits of Ceiling Fan Repairs?

During the year, you rely heavily on your ceiling fans to help circulate both warm and cool air throughout your home. If your fan is broken, it will have to work much harder at this and can significantly impact your utility bill. Repairing a broken ceiling fan can increase your savings by up to 40%, while also becoming more functional in the long-run.

What Types of Ceiling Fan Upgrades Are Available?

To fully repair your ceiling fan, a professional may need to check internally for mechanical or electrical problems. This could affect the fan itself as well as the switches that power it. The problem could also be the electrical box if it wasn’t installed to support the heavy load, and will definitely need to be replaced. For wobbling fans however, either the blades need to be realigned, replaced, or the support bracket needs to be tightened. Wobbling fans could also be a sign of poor installation, in which case a professional should assess the damage and repair the ceiling fan appropriately.

How Long Do Ceiling Fan Repairs Take?

Repairing a ceiling fan can take about three hours to repair if the issues are internal. A certified electrician will need to remove the ceiling fan first, prior to proceeding with the repairs. For minor problems, it could take up to an hour to troubleshoot and fix the issues.

What Materials Are Needed for Ceiling Fan Repairs?

Depending on the type of repairs required, you will need an electrical box, fan motor, pull chain, replacement blades, hardware, a voltage meter and a ladder. Special tools and equipment will be provided by the electrician to guarantee all repairs are attended to safely.

Do Ceiling Fan Repairs Have Any Hidden Charges?

When the problems with your ceiling fan are due to faulty installation or poor electrical wiring, it will require additional work and in turn, will cost more to complete the repairs. Also consider the age and model of your fan, as replacement parts might be harder to come by, and will therefore affect the total price.

How Much Does a Ceiling Fan Repair Cost?

On average, homeowners pay from $84 to $169 nationally to repair their ceiling fans. However, depending on the type of repairs required, it could cost as much as $300 to fix all necessary problems in order to get your ceiling fan back in working order. Also factor in the fan’s accessibility, age, and model for a better estimate.

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