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Deck Build

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Adding a deck to your home can expand your living space to the outdoors and provide a comfortable area for relaxing and entertaining. A deck build is a substantial project that requires careful attention to structural standards and adherence to building codes.

Do I Need a Professional to Build My Deck?

Building a deck requires precise planning for structural integrity and safety. An experienced builder or carpenter can ensure your deck’s foundation is solid, its structure is sound, and that stairs and railings are safe. Your contractor has the knowledge and equipment to build a deck that is beautiful, functional, and meets the standards of local building codes.

What Are the Benefits of a Deck Build?

Installing a deck increases the useful area of your home and yard with little impact on the existing structure. A well-built deck can add value to your home and will certainly increase your comfort there. Your contractor can guide you through the design and permit process, and can help you select materials and finishes that complement your home and your family’s habits.

How Large of Deck Do I Need Built?

The size of your deck should be adequate to accommodate the furnishings you intend to use as well as foot traffic along the deck and around furnishings, without detracting from the design of your home or landscaping. While an enormous deck may seem ideal, a large structure can be difficult to incorporate with a small home or yard, while one that is too small may be inadequate for your family’s needs. Consider how you intend to use the area and how much space you’ll need to enjoy it comfortably.

What Types of Decks Are Available for Build?

Deck structures are commonly built with wood that has been chemically treated to prevent rot, while a number of materials may be used for decking, stairs and railings. Several wood species are naturally weather and pest-resistant, while more common woods can be treated and finished to add beauty and protection, and composite and synthetic decking materials provide durable, low-maintenance options. Design and construction choices are limitless, from ground-hugging seating areas to pool surrounds and multi-level living spaces with incorporated seating, planting, and shade areas.

How Long Does a Deck Build Take?

The size and design of your deck help determine the time needed for construction. Many small decks can be built within a few days, but the foundation and framing requirements of large decks require considerable time. Completing the foundation, framing, stairs, decking, and railings for your project may take a week or more, depending on its complexity; elaborate deck projects may take several weeks to complete.

What Materials Are Required to Build a Deck?

Builders may use heavy equipment or hand tools to prepare the ground for your deck’s foundation, which may consist of concrete footings, piers, or posts. Carpentry tools, including saws, nailers, screw guns, drills, a level, tape measure, square, and chalk line are used for construction. Pressure treated lumber is often used for the underlying structure of most decks, with wood, composite, or synthetic materials used for decking, railings, stairs, and deck features.

Do Deck Builds Have Any Hidden Charges?

A number of specifications for the construction of your deck can affect costs, so be sure to address your plans and expectations clearly with your contractor and include specific preferences in your contract. Choices in materials and fasteners can have a significant impact on a project’s timeline and expense, and painting or staining may not be included in the construction price. Also, ground preparation for your deck may be significant, since a solid foundation is essential for the stability and safety of your deck. Be sure to carefully evaluate your deck’s location with your contractor in order to plan and budget for earthwork and foundations.

How Much Does a Deck Build Cost?

The size and style of decks are important factors in construction prices, which are typically between $278 and $3480 across the U.S. Our Deck Build Price Guide explains several considerations for deck construction and pricing, and your contractor can help you choose a design, size and materials that will provide you a comfortable and safe entertaining area that enhances your home and suits your lifestyle.

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