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Deck Painting

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Painting your deck can enhance its appearance and prolong its life by protecting surfaces and structure. Completing careful preparations and applying durable finishes make painting your deck a significant maintenance project.

Do I Need a Local Deck Painting Contractor?

While painting a deck may seem like a straightforward task, a number of preparation measures are necessary to ensure that your deck’s new finish adheres properly and protects thoroughly. A professional painting contractor can evaluate the current condition of your deck to plan for all aspects of preparation, and can help you select a finish that will complement the exterior of your home and provide durable protection. A professional is qualified and equipped to paint your deck safely, quickly, and carefully to ensure a beautiful and lasting surface.

What Are the Benefits of Regularly Painting a Deck?

Decks are constantly exposed to the elements, with the effects of sun and moisture gradually deteriorating their surface and structure. Regular maintenance and painting of your deck can improve its appearance, but also provides essential protection from wear and weather. Painting your deck on a regular basis can safeguard it from damage and prevent having to make repairs.

How Much of My Deck Needs to Be Painted?

The size and design of your deck will help determine if the entire structure should be painted, or only a portion. Treating all surfaces at once helps maintain a consistent appearance and ensures that all surfaces are equally protected, but if the finish in specific areas show excessive wear, re-painting sections may be appropriate.

What Types of Paint Are Available for My Deck?

Decks can be protected with sealers, stains, and paints. Sealers and stains may be clear or tinted, and penetrate wood to help preserve it from wear and exposure. Paints are opaque and are used with a primer to form a protective barrier on top of wood’s surface. Most deck products are available in both water and oil-based formulations. Your contractor can help you select a finish and product that is appropriate for your deck’s material, location, and usage.

How Long Does Deck Painting Take?

The size and condition of your deck are important factors in planning time for the project. Depending on the state of the structure, decking, and existing finish, prep work may take several days if sanding or pressure washing are recommended. In addition to the time needed to clean and prepare the surface, drying time is important to ensure that water trapped in wood does not damage a new finish as it escapes. Applying paint or stain to your deck may take a few hours for each coat, depending on the application method.

What Materials Are Required For Deck Painting?

Cleaning supplies, sanders, scrapers, a vacuum cleaner and pressure washer may be used to clean and prepare wood surfaces for primer, paint, or stain. Your contractor may apply finish with brushes, rollers, pads, or sprayers, or a combination of applicators and tools. For paint finishes, a primer must be applied first to ensure proper adhesion. While sealers and stains do not require primers, your contractor may use a wood conditioner to prepare the surface for stain.

How Much Does Deck Painting Cost?

Prices for deck painting are heavily influenced by the size and condition of your deck and range from $320 to $1,200. The steps required to prepare for and apply the finish of your choice also influence project costs. Your contractor can help you evaluate the state of your deck and select a finish that will be effective for your weather and sunlight conditions and will hold up to foot traffic.

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