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Deck Repair

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Your deck is likely a substantial feature of your home, providing a comfortable and convenient outdoor living area. Making repairs to a damaged deck can maintain safety, and restore its beauty and function.

Do I Need My Deck Repaired?

If your deck is unstable or has rotten, splintered, or damaged wood, repairs are in order. Structural weaknesses from damage, loose railings, and deteriorated decking boards can make your deck unsafe and should be repaired to prevent further damage or injury. Your contractor can assess the condition of your deck and plan for any needed repairs or upgrades.

What Are The Benefits of Deck Repairs?

Repairing a worn or damaged deck can improve its appearance as well as safety for your family and guests. While a shabby-looking deck can be an eyesore, placing loads on an inadequate structure, weak railing, or deteriorated decking can cause collapse and lead to injury. Making repairs to your deck may be essential for its usefulness and for your peace of mind.

How Much of the Deck Needs to Be Repaired?

A careful inspection of your deck should be made to evaluate its overall condition. Often, replacing selected decking boards or reinforcing a section of railing is sufficient, while in some cases it may be necessary to replace the entire deck surface, railing, or stair treads. The extent of any structural repairs will depend on the type and location of support problems, and may involve reinforcing the existing structure, strengthening its foundation, or replacing some framing components.

What Types of Deck Repairs Are Commonly Needed?

Repairs are commonly made to stairs, railings, floor boards, and support structures of decks. Some fixes may involve replacing or adding screws, bolts and hardware, fitting flashing, or replacing damaged wooden components. Several stability issues can be resolved by reinforcing framing and railings with lumber and bolts, while problems stemming from damaged or rotted wood will require some reconstruction.

How Long Does a Deck Repair Take?

The extent and type of deck problems are important factors in determining the time needed for repairs. Adding bolts to reinforce a wobbly railing or replacing a few worn decking boards may be done in a few hours, while rebuilding stairs or framing components could take a full day or more, and a complete replacement of the surface or railings may take several days, depending on the size of the deck.

What Materials Are Needed to Repair a Deck?

Deck repairs are typically made with common carpentry tools, such as a hammer, nailer, drill, screw gun, level, and saws. Depending on the type of repair, screws, bolts, flashing, lumber, and decking material may be used to reinforce or replace your deck’s structure, railing, or surface.

Do Deck Repairs Have Any Hidden Charges?

Unseen damage to your deck can lead to high repair costs, but your contractor can assess the extent of problems and plan for the time and materials needed for the job. Staining or painting your deck after carpentry repairs may not be included in your contract, so be sure to check if finishing will be needed and if your carpenter will provide for it in your contract, or if you’ll need to hire a painter separately.

How Much Does an Average Deck Repair Cost?

Deck repair prices vary with the nature of repairs and the size of a deck, but typically range from $168 to $713 across the U.S. Our Deck Repair Price Guide explains a number of common repairs and how the size and material of your deck may contribute to project costs. Your contractor can help you evaluate the condition of your deck and plan for necessary repairs.

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