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Drywall Installation

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In modern homes, drywall is one of the finishing touches used in construction, providing a smooth wall and ceiling surface with a more efficient installation than traditional plaster. Hanging drywall, commonly referred to as sheetrock, is a labor-intensive job that requires skill and experience to produce a quality finish.

Do I Need Drywall Installation Services?

Drywall is commonly used to create wall and ceiling surfaces in most residential applications during construction and renovations. The material is typically available in sheets that are four feet wide by eight to twelve feet long which must be maneuvered through a work site and installed overhead. Cutting sheetrock to fit around doors, windows, outlets and light fixtures requires careful measuring and cutting to minimize the number of nails or screws used to secure the material. Professional installers are trained and equipped to handle, fit, and hang large sheets of drywall safely and efficiently.

What are Benefits of Professional Drywall Installation Services?

Drywall installers are typically able to hang material in a fraction of the time a homeowner may need for the same task. In addition to their efficiency, the skills and tools used by pros enable them to provide a surface that can be mudded and taped easily for an even, smooth finish.

How Much Drywall Do I Need Installed?

Drywall is typically installed on the walls and ceiling of most rooms, except where special material may be needed for a tile installation or other custom treatments. The amount of drywall needed for your job will be determined by the size and features of the project.

What Types of Drywall Installation Services Exist?

A number of types and thicknesses of sheetrock material are available for various applications. Special materials or additives may be used to increase moisture and fire resistance or improve strength or sound-proofing properties. Your installer can recommend a material that is appropriate for your project based on its location, use, and framing type.

How Long Does It Take to Install Drywall?

The size and features of your project are important factors in determining the time needed to complete it. An experienced contractor can hang drywall in most rooms within a few hours, though more cuts needed to accommodate closets, windows, doors, and outlets will increase the length of the job. In a construction setting with few obstacles, a drywall crew could hang material in entire home in less than a week.

What Materials are Needed for Drywall Installation Services?

Drywall is trimmed to size with utility knives and hand saws and attached to wall studs and ceiling joists with nails or screws using a drywall hammer or screw gun. Your contractor may use ladders, staging, stilts, and drywall lifts to aid in hanging sheets on ceilings or the upper course of a wall.

Do Drywall Installation Services Have Any Hidden Charges?

Drywall installation jobs are generally priced according to the size and features of the project. If the condition of underlying framing is sound, surprise expenses are unlikely. Bear in mind though, that taping and texturing sheetrock may not be included with installation. Be sure to discuss with your installer if he will finish drywall surfaces, or if you must hire a separate taping contractor for that aspect of the job.

How Much Does Drywall Installation Service Cost?

Prices for drywall installation vary by location, the scope of the install, and with the caliber of the crew, ranging from $200 to $9,000 throughout the country. Although different types of projects and materials influence the overall cost of the service, your contractor can determine pricing for the specific features of your job. To learn more, see our Drywall Installation Cost Guide.

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