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Electric Wall Heater Installation

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An electric wall heater can supplement your home’s heating system to help warm a variety of spaces. With a number of types available, several models may provide a convenient heating solution suited for your needs.

Do I Need an Electric Wall Heater Installed?

If a room in your home is difficult to heat, is not connected to your central heating system, or requires quick heating upon use, installing an electric wall heater may be a practical solution. Since the installation requires electrical connections or wiring changes, the job should be handled by a qualified electrician to ensure safe and correct operation.

What are the Benefits of an Electric Wall Heater Installation?

Electric wall heaters can quickly warm up a small room or supplement an existing heating system to make large or remote areas more comfortable. Modern units are thermostatically controlled and, since they do not require exhaust ducting or fuel lines, offer flexibility in placement. Installing electric wall heaters can be a cost-effective solution for heating rooms that are small, used infrequently, or are not heated well by your central system.

What Size Electric Wall Heater Do I Need?

The size of the area you intend to heat is an important factor in selecting the size and type of heating unit to install. Retailers and installers generally recommend heaters sized at 10 watts per square foot of space, and can help you choose a heater that is appropriate for the size and characteristics of your installation site.

What Type of Electric Wall Heater Installations Exist?

Electric wall heaters can be surface mounted or recessed in an interior wall cavity, and are available in three main types. Convection heaters use fans to force heated air throughout a room, while radiant units distribute heat by warming objects, and micathermic models employ both methods.

How Long Does an Electric Wall Heater Installation Take?

Most electric wall heaters can be installed within one day, depending on the accessibility of wiring and whether your model has an integrated thermostat. With wiring in place, most units can be placed in a couple of hours, but the complexity involved in running new wires and adding a breaker to your electrical panel can extend the job by several hours.

What Materials Are Needed for an Electric Wall Heater Installation?

Your installer will use electrical cable, screws, junction boxes, a circuit breaker, wire nuts, and electrical tape to mount and connect your electric wall heater. He may use a number of common electrical and carpentry tools to complete the job, such as a drill, utility knife, saw, pliers, screwdrivers, and electrical tester.

Do Electric Wall Heater Installations Have Any Hidden Charges?

Electric wall heater installations are typically uncomplicated and unlikely to come with hidden charges. Extensive wiring changes or upgrades may increase project costs with the time and materials needed for preparation.

How Much Does an Electric Wall Heater Installation Cost?

Installation rates for electric wall heaters are affected by the condition of the installation site, with national prices typically between $84 and $317. Our Price Guide for Electric Wall Heater Installation can help you determine how your choice of heater and the characteristics of your home may contribute to installation costs, while your retailer and installer can address how specific features will influence the complexity and expense of the job.

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