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Electrical Panel Installation

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Whether you’re constructing a new home or plan on updating your electrical panel to improve its overall functionality, contact a qualified electrician to help with the installation. Utilizing a certified service provider will ensure the installation runs smoothly, efficiently, and is completed according to code.

Do I Need an Electrical Panel Installation?

Installing a new electrical panel is necessary during new construction or if you’ve experienced blown fuses, excessive voltage loads, and incessant humming from your electrical box. These issues can cause serious harm to your home and family’s safety and will require a new electrical panel to be installed by a certified electrician.

What Are The Benefits of an Electrical Panel Installation?

Installing a new electrical panel will ensure your home meets all of the modern code requirements to prevent possible fire hazards, electrocution, and even possible death. Homes older than ten years will also benefit from a new installation to improve the overall wiring, increase the number of existing circuits, and also increase the amount of voltage available to power modern appliances and electronics.

How Much Electrical Panel Do I Need Installed?

The size of your new electrical panel will depend on your home’s electricity requirements, the number of people occupying your home, and its square footage. Larger homes often require a larger panel to support additional circuits for light fixtures and electrical outlets, as well as modern appliances and electronics.

What Types of Electrical Panel Installations Exist?

There are a few different types of electrical panels available for installation that meet separate code requirements depending on where you live. Included are main breaker panels which are built-in, main lug panels which are separate, sub-panels which provide additional circuits, and automatic and manual transfer switches that switch to a back-up generator when necessary. Discuss your options with a certified electrician to determine which electrical panel works for your lifestyle, home, and location.

How Long Does an Electrical Panel Installation Take?

An electrical panel installation can take as little as a few hours or as long as a few days to complete. Older homes require considerably more work since everything must be reinstalled according to today’s code and industry standards. Before any work begins, your electrician will discuss the estimated timeframe for your specific needs to eliminate any questions or concerns throughout the installation.

What Materials Are Needed for an Electrical Panel Installation?

After selecting the appropriate electrical panel for installation, an electrician will also install new circuit breakers based on your home’s requirements. If your home also requires additional wiring or new wiring, it will be installed using pliers, screwdrivers, wire cutters, and wire strippers.

Do Electrical Panel Installation Jobs Have Any Hidden Charges?

Timing is the most important influential factor when it comes to additional fees for an electrical panel installation. If you choose to install the new panel during a new construction project you can expect to pay significantly less than when the home is already complete. The overall cost will also be affected by the age of the home since the older it is, the more expensive it will be to install a new electrical panel.

How Much Does an Electrical Panel Installation Cost?

Installing a new electrical panel is a costly endeavor, and should only be completed by a qualified, licensed and insured electrician. Depending on the size of the electrical panel being installed, the age your home, and when the service is completed, most homeowners will pay between $444 and $1,910. On average, a typical electrical panel can be installed for $921, but due to such a large range in price it’s important to contact several electricians for multiple price quotes. To learn more, read our price guide on Electrical Panel Installation Cost.

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