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Electrical Panel Repair

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Electrical panel repairs should be taken care of immediately to prevent a number of issues from arising in your home. Hiring an electrician to assist with the repairs will ensure the electrical panel is working properly according to industry standards and your home’s electricity requirements.

Do I Need an Electrical Panel Repair?

When lights in your home start to flicker on the same circuit or when the fuses short out due to heavy voltage loads, you will need to have a certified electrician inspect your electrical panel to assess and repair the issues. Older homes are especially prone to electrical problems and should be evaluated to prevent possible fires caused by outdated fuse boxes.

What Are The Benefits of Repairing an Electrical Panel?

Repairing your home’s electrical panel will help reduce your utility bill, as well as eliminate blown fuses, overloaded circuits, and worn out wiring. With annual inspections performed by an electrician, you can also prevent potential hazards such as fires and electrocution from occurring to ensure a safe environment for your family.

What Types of Electrical Panel Repairs Are Needed?

Electrical panels installed in older homes will often require the most repairs and may even need to be replaced entirely. However, more common repairs include fixing loose wiring, overloaded circuits, corroded wires, flickering lights, blown fuses, and adding additional amperage when installing new outlets, switches, and fixtures.

How Long Does an Electrical Panel Repair Take?

An electrician will first assess the problem using special safety techniques and tools prior to beginning any job. To properly fix and repair your home’s electrical panel, it could take several hours to complete depending on the extent of repairs. When upgrading an older to panel to a modernized system, it will take significantly longer to install.

What Materials Are Needed to Repair an Electrical Panel?

To repair an electrical panel, you may need to install new circuits, wiring, and fuses using specialized equipment and tools. In the chance that an upgrade is necessary, you will also need a new electrical panel, cables, and meter that suits the needs of your home’s electricity requirements.

Do Electrical Panel Repairs Have Any Hidden Charges?

Homes built over ten years ago will often have an electrical fuse box that is not capable of supporting additional amperage and will need to be replaced if repairs become too costly. Unfortunately when the new electrical panel is installed, it will also require new electrical wiring and a new meter at an extra cost.

How Much Do Electrical Panel Repairs Cost?

Electrical panel repairs will cost an average of $193 to complete when hiring a certified electrician. Depending on the type of service being performed and the amount of repairs required, it could cost between $77 to $486 to fix your home’s electrical panel.

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