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Exhaust Fan Installation

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Installing an exhaust fan involves working with ducting and electrical wiring, and may require significant alterations to your ceiling or walls if the installation site does not already accommodate a fan. A qualified contractor can install an exhaust fan safely and efficiently, with minimal impact to your home.

Do I Need an Exhaust Fan Installation?

If the exhaust fan in your bathroom, kitchen or work area needs to be replaced, or if you do not have ventilation in rooms prone to moisture and fumes, installing one will help improve air quality and reduce moisture damage. Since exhaust fans require connections to electricity and switches as well as to ducting for venting to the outdoors, a professional installation can ensure your fan is connected safely and securely.

What Are the Benefits of an Exhaust Fan Installation?

Exhaust fans help dispel steam, smoke, fumes and odors from a room, preventing the growth of mold and mildew, reducing damage from excess moisture, and improving the condition of the air. Your contractor can check the state of existing wiring and ductwork and make necessary upgrades to ensure your fan is wired correctly and is properly vented to the outside of your home.

How Large of Exhaust Fan Do I Need Installed?

The size and strength of your exhaust fan should be determined by its application and the size of the room it is installed in. The performance of exhaust fans is generally gauged by how much air they move, measured in cubic feet per minute (CFM). Fans intended for use in kitchens and workshops may be more powerful than those intended for baths, while industrial strength fans are designed to move air in very large areas.

What Types of Exhaust Fan Installations Exist?

Popular applications for home exhaust fans include ventilation for bathrooms, range hoods and downdraft fans in kitchens, attic cooling systems, and shop fans for garages, studios, and workshops. Many exhaust and ventilation fans incorporate features such as lights and heaters, functions which can be wired to switches for independent controls. All exhaust fans require direct venting to the outdoors, whether with ducting concealed in walls and ceilings, or through an exterior wall installation.

How Long Does an Exhaust Fan Installation Take?

The time needed to install an exhaust fan will depend on its location and the condition of any existing wiring or ductwork. Installing a replacement fan with adequate wiring, switches, and ducts may take less than an hour, while make making any modifications will extend the project. Wiring and ducting upgrades may take a few hours-- depending on complexity and accessibility, while a completely new installation may require an entire day.

What Materials Are Needed to Install an Exhaust Fan?

In addition to a fan unit, your installer will use duct material and an exterior wall or roof vent to install your fan. A tape measure, saw, drill, screwdrivers, and pliers may be used with wall related hardware, switches, wire, electrical tape and wire nuts to create an installation site, mount the fan and make electrical connections.

Do Exhaust Fan Installations Have Any Hidden Charges?

Installation procedures are relatively consistent for exhaust fans, but the accessibility, condition and location of the installation site can affect the complexity and cost of the job. Placing fans on high ceilings, running new wire or ductwork, and reinforcing a mounting site can increase the time, materials, and costs for the job.

How Much Does an Exhaust Fan Installation Cost?

Installation rates for exhaust fans are affected by the type of fan and features of the project, typically ranging from $123 to $298. Our Exhaust Fan Installation Price Guide can help you determine how your choice of fan and installation site will affect the cost of the job, while your installer or electrician can address how the specific characteristics and requirements of your project will influence the price of installation.

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