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Exterior Painting

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Enhance your curb-appeal and increase the value of your property by having your home’s exterior professionally painted. As an added bonus, painting also creates a strong defense barrier against the elements and protects your home for years to come.

Do I Need Professional Home Exterior Painting?

If you want the job done correctly, then don’t hesitate to hire a licensed and insured professional to paint your home’s exterior. Professional painters are trained to use proper techniques, tools, and high quality paint to maintain its architectural integrity and improve its overall design through carefully selected colors.

What Are the Benefits of Regular Exterior Painting?

Not only does regular exterior painting protect your home from weather and water damage, but it prevents you from having to replace siding that can cost thousands of dollars to repair. A professional paint job is the ideal choice when updating your home to ensure the surface is properly prepared in advance, and that paint is applied appropriately to all exterior sides in a safe, effective manner.

How Much Home Exterior Needs to Be Painted?

If your home was recently painted in the last few years, but the enamel is still experiencing substantial erosion, peeling, and fading, then it’s definitely time to repaint. The entire exterior surface of your home, excluding your roof, windows, and doors, should be regularly maintained to secure the barrier between your house and the outdoor elements.

What Types of Paint Are Available for My Home's Exterior?

Professional painters will thoughtfully select your home’s exterior paint for long-lasting results, superior protection, and ample coverage. Higher quality paints require fewer coats and will last much longer, eventually saving you money down the road. Consider purchasing an oil or latex paint in a flat/matte or satin finish. These types of paints will endure extreme weather conditions, can be customized to your specific climate, and are ideal for painting siding.

How Long Does an Exterior Home Painting Take?

For an expertly done paint job, you can expect it to be complete after several days have passed, especially during inclement weather. Professionals will always prep the exterior of your home and remove mildew buildup with a pressure washer prior to restoring worn surfaces. Once each step is complete, your home can finally be primed and painted, and ready to show off to the neighbors.

What Materials Are Required For an Exterior Painting?

To complete an entire exterior paint job, you will need multiple gallons of primer and paint depending upon the square footage of your home. In addition, the job will also require the use of a ladder, pressure washer, cleaning solutions, dropcloths, sandpaper, caulk, painter’s tape, and paint brushes, rollers, and sprayers.

Do Exterior Paint Services Have Any Hidden Charges?

You may experience additional fees during an exterior paint job if you have never had it repainted before, or if several years have gone by since the last renovation. Over time, weather deteriorates your siding and can cause severe damage to your exterior surfaces when left untreated. These problems may need to be extensively fixed beforehand, costing you additional time and money to repair.

How Much Does a Home Exterior Painting Cost?

The total cost of an exterior paint job depends on a number of factors including the size of your home, preparation and repairs, and the type of material being painted. The price of such a job varies widely and on average, can run between $500 and $3013. With such a significant gap in prices, contact a professional for a more exact estimate based on your home’s requirements.

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