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Exterior Trim Repair

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Repairing your exterior trim is extremely critical to your home’s protection against the elements, and requires continual maintenance to ensure it does not deteriorate over time. With consistent repairs and a fresh coat of paint, your home is sure to stand out in a positive new way.

Do I Need a My Exterior Trim Repaired?

Exterior trim in need of repair can be accomplished by a savvy homeowner when the problems are minor and manageable. However, extensive damage from wood rot and termites will call for the help of an expert to ensure your home is properly cared for safely and effectively.

What Are The Benefits of Exterior Trim Repairs?

When weather, water, and pests start to become detrimental to the condition of your exterior trim, it’s extremely beneficial to start repairing damaged sections to avoid replacing it altogether. By taking necessary precautions before problems get worse, you can save yourself time and money in the future with the assistance of a qualified professional.

What Types of Exterior Trim Upgrades Are Available?

General wear and tear can take its toll on exterior trim, especially on older homes that have been exposed to the elements for far too long. Trim can crack and break away from the house, causing water damage to occur both outside and inside the home. Water damage leads directly to wood rot, which requires partial sections, if not whole sections of trim to be replaced with new, pretreated wood, vinyl or aluminum. To ensure long-lasting results, paint or stain wooden trim as an extra defense barrier.

How Long Does a Exterior Trim Repair Take?

Depending on the size of the project, including the extent of the damage and the amount of trim in need of repair, it could take up to two days to finish the job. Preparation work is accounted for in the total repair time, as well as sanding, priming, and painting or staining the trim materials before affixing it to the house.

What Materials Are Needed to Repair a Exterior Trim?

Repairing exterior trim requires replacement materials in the form of wood, aluminum, or vinyl to match all existing trim. You will also need a sealant such as caulk, stain, primer and paint to protect the trim from further damage. Lastly, hardware, paint brushes, rollers, a tape measure, and basic carpentry tools and equipment will be necessary to complete the repairs.

Do Exterior Trim Repairs Have Any Hidden Charges?

When pests become the underlying issue to rotting exterior trim, you will need to take immediate action in order to eliminate the problem. Exterminators can be costly in addition to all necessary repairs, but should not be overlooked. With extensive water damage, you will need to replace large portions of exterior trim, and possibly the surrounding siding. The price will vary based on the required materials and scope of the repairs.

How Much Does an Exterior Trim Repair Cost?

After factoring in the amount of damage, the materials in need of replacement, accessibility, and preparation work, an exterior trim repair can cost up between $110 to $559 in total. However, on average homeowners will pay around $248 to have their repairs completed. To learn more, see our Exterior Trim Repair Cost Guide.

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