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Faucet Repair

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Many common problems with sink and tub faucets can be corrected by a plumber. Whether your project entails replacing an O-ring, installing a new sprayer, or rebuilding the controls, repairing your faucet can restore its performance and correct drips and leaks.

Do I Need Faucet Repair Services?

Faucets that are damaged or broken are not only frustrating to use, but may cause hidden leaks that do damage to your home. Faucets with flow problems, drips and leaks should be repaired by a plumber to ensure their correct function and prevent additional damage.

What Are The Benefits of Faucet Repair Services?

Repairing faulty faucets can restore proper function and correct leaks, which can be costly. Many faucet repairs can be completed inexpensively, extending the life of your fixture and avoiding a full replacement.

What Types of Faucet Upgrades Are Available?

Repairs for drips, poor water flow, and spraying from the spout are commonly made with simple parts, while cracked or broken faucets may require a more substantial repair effort. Replacing sprayers and faucet handles can improve performance, but in some cases a complete faucet replacement is necessary. Most sink faucets can be accessed and serviced easily, but the plumbing behind tub and shower faucets is often harder to access and makes for a more complex repair.

How Long Does a Faucet Repair Service Take?

The nature of the repair and the accessibility of the fixture and plumbing affect the time it takes to complete your project. Basic repairs to sink faucets are often completed in less than one hour, while installing replacements may take two hours or more. Extensive repairs to sink or tub faucets may take several hours if plumbing is difficult to access or the source of the problem is hard to diagnose.

What Materials Are Needed to Repair a Faucet?

Plumbers make most faucet repairs with common tools like wrenches, pliers and screwdrivers, and use materials such as Teflon tape, caulk, gaskets, and water supply lines. The parts used for repairing your faucet will vary with the nature of the problem as well as with the brand and type of fixture.

Do Faucet Repair Services Have Any Hidden Charges?

Most faucet repairs and replacements can be handled without surprises, but some applications have the potential for hidden costs. Repairs to bathtub and shower faucets may be complicated if the plumbing behind your tub or shower wall is not accessible. If your plumber needs to remove tiles from the face of your shower or cut a hole in the wall behind the controls, the added repairs to your tub or wall will increase the cost of your project. Likewise, fixing damage caused by leaking water will add to overall costs, though it may not be detected immediately.

How Much Does a Faucet Repair Service Cost?

Prices for repairing faucets vary with the type, condition, and location of faucets, and range from $83 to $140, nationally. Your plumber can help you assess the extent of your faucet project and anticipate related expenses such as those discussed in our Faucet Repair Price Guide.

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