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Fence Repair

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Your fence undergoes numerous weather conditions throughout the year, and needs to be properly cared for to ensure it holds up over time. To guarantee your fence endures the rain, snow, and heat, be sure to continually repair it as circumstances arise.

Do I Need a My Fence Repaired?

Your fence should be maintained on a regular basis to protect it from the elements and to improve its overall structure. If you’re experiencing loose fence posts, broken sections, unhinged gates, and weathered wood, contact a professional contractor to help with the repairs and get your fence back in working condition.

What Are The Benefits of Fence Repairs?

Having your fence repaired by a reputable contractor will enhance its stability and of course, increase your privacy and security. By treating fences with a defensive sealant, you can prevent the structure from rot, weather deterioration, and even pest-infestation. With frequent fence repairs, you will save yourself time and money down the road by avoiding having to replace your fence altogether.

What Types of Fence Repairs Are Commonly Needed?

The most common fence repairs include replacing rotten or loose fence posts and rails, fixing broken gates, replacing damaged sections, and applying weather treatments to extend the life of the material. Before painting or staining your fence however, you will first need to treat it with a power washer to remove built up mildew, grime, and dirt from the surface.

How Long Does a Fence Repair Take?

Depending on the amount of repairs, size of the fence, frequency of maintenance, and time of year, it could take a few days to finish the job. Power washing and weather treating will take quite a long time to complete, since you must wait for the fence to dry before applying a stain or paint. The same goes for replacing sections or fence posts, for you will need the concrete to set overnight prior to adding new materials to the structure. A licensed and insured contractor will always provide an estimated timeframe based on the repairs to alleviate any questions or concerns.

What Materials Are Needed to Repair Fencing?

Since each repair is different, a contractor will provide separate materials for each project. Overall though, materials will include new fence posts, rails, fencing, concrete, hardware, a fence gate, wood stain, primer, paint, brushes, a pressure washer, a drill, and a tape measure.

Do Fence Repairs Have Any Hidden Charges?

When replacing new fence posts, rails, or sections, you can expect to pay more for the type of material chosen. Pressure-treated wood, cedar, and redwood will cost much more than a vinyl or chain link fence. The time of year and accessibility to the fence will also affect the total cost of repairs, so it’s best to quote several contractors prior to starting any work to see what services are included in the price.

How Much Does an Average Fence Repair Cost?

Due to a number of varying factors involved in a fence repair estimate, the price can fluctuate significantly. A contractor will consider the required materials, equipment, extent of the damage, size of the fence, and labor into the total cost of repairs. Smaller jobs will fall into the lower category starting around $97, but larger jobs can range up to $418 to complete. To learn more, see our price guide on Fence Repair Cost.

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