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Furniture Assembly

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Find Trusted Furniture Assembly Pros

Assembling furniture can be a tiring process, especially after a major renovation or recent move. For fast, superior service, contact a local service provider to help with all of your furniture assembly requests, it will be well worth it.

Do I Need Furniture Assembly Services?

Hiring a professional service to assist with your furniture assembly will ensure each piece is correctly put together for optimal durability. Sit back and enjoy your new entertainment system, home office, or bedroom set as certified technicians efficiently complete all of your furniture assembly needs.

What Are The Benefits of Furniture Assembly Services?

Whether you’ve recently moved and don’t have the time to assemble every last piece of furniture, or you simply need one item put together, certified professionals can come to your home for any furniture assembly project. They will guarantee a quality assembly for ideal comfort, safety, and sound construction for all types of furniture styles and designs.

How Large of Furniture Do I Need Assembled?

Professional service technicians can assemble any piece of furniture, large or small. They can also assemble both indoor and outdoor furniture, children’s play sets, and even full entertainment systems. Contact a qualified service provider to discuss any extensive projects to ensure they provide the necessary equipment, tools, and technicians to complete the task at hand.

How Long Does a Furniture Assembly Service Take?

Qualified technicians work quickly to assemble every piece of furniture you need constructed, and can complete the job within a matter of hours. Ultimately, the amount of time it will take depends on the quantity, size, and weight of the furniture being assembled.

What Materials Are Needed for a Furniture Assembly Service?

Depending on the type of furniture being assembled, it will require an assortment of different tools and equipment based on the manufacturer’s guidelines. Typically, most furniture can be assembled using wrenches, screwdrivers, a drill, level, a hammer, and pliers.

Does Furniture Assembly Service Have Any Hidden Charges?

Furniture assemblies can have various fees associated with the service depending on the size, weight, and amount of furniture involved. Most service providers will provide upfront quotes based on your assembly requirements in order to eliminate any unforeseen costs.

How Much Does a Furniture Assembly Service Cost?

The total cost of a furniture assembly ranges between $102 and $360 depending on the amount of furniture involved and any preparation or cleanup work required. On average however, homeowners typically pay $192 to complete the job. To learn more, see our price guide on Furniture Assembly Cost.

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