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Garden Installation

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Adding a garden to your property can provide both beauty and function to your yard. Enhancing the appearance of your home with flowering plants or cultivating herbs and vegetables is a sure way to add interest and enjoyment to outdoor areas.

Do I Want a Garden Installed in My Yard?

Installing a garden is a laborious task that requires knowledge of soil conditions and horticulture as well as access to a number of tools and supplies. Whether you plan to relax and admire the beauty of your garden or get your hands dirty growing fresh food for your family, hiring a professional for the initial installation can save you time and effort, and improve the success of your plantings.

What Are the Benefits of Garden Installations?

Professional landscaping contractors and garden installers provide a number of services and options for garden installations, and can design a garden that is perfectly suited for your home and lifestyle. Professional installers can evaluate your soil, irrigation, and sunlight conditions to strategically orient and plan your garden for optimum beauty and performance.

How Large of a Garden Would I Like Installed?

The purpose of your garden, size of your property, and maintenance abilities are important factors to consider when planning the size of your garden. The scale of ornamental gardens should be in keeping with other landscaping, while the size of edible gardens should be appropriate for their contents and your needs.

What Types of Gardens Are Available for Installation?

Common garden installations include displays of ornamental flowers and plants, areas designed to attract wildlife, and beds planted to produce edible herbs, fruits, and vegetables. Some gardens are formed within a yard in place of lawn or hardscape, while others consist of wooden planting beds installed atop the ground, or a collection of containers arranged on a deck or patio.

How Long Does a Garden Installation Take?

The type, size and style of your garden will influence the time needed for installation. Raised beds can be set, filled, and planted within a few hours, whereas the work involved in preparing a large garden plot may span several days. Incorporating hardscape or irrigation systems with your garden may require extra time for the project, while planting seedlings and established plants may be faster than sowing seed.

What Tools Are Required to Install a Garden?

The tools needed for garden installations vary with the size, type, and location of the project. Your contractor may use a sod cutter to remove grass from your planting area, and a rototiller or cultivator to prepare the soil. Raised beds require carpentry tools for assembly, while other hardscape elements may be installed with masonry or other trade-specific tools. Typical garden tools such as a rake, spade, shovel, hoe, hand trowel, and wheel barrow are used for working with soil and placing plants and seeds.

Do Garden Installations Have Any Hidden Charges?

Garden installations are generally straightforward, though a few variables may affect the cost of your project. If your soil requires substantial preparation or amendment, the added time and materials to get it into shape may increase overall costs. Also, the maturity of the plants you select for your installation may affect their price, since established plants, trees, and shrubs are typically more expensive than young seedlings. Be sure to discuss with your contractor how these issues, along with the location and accessibility of your garden site may affect your expenses.

How Much Do Garden Installations Cost?

Garden projects involve a number of steps for both preparation and installation, and generally cost between $80 and $737. The style of the garden, its contents, and overall size affect the cost of materials and labor for installations. For more information on how the characteristics of your property and your planting choices may affect the costs of your installation, review our Garden Installation Price Guide and consult with your contractor about the specific influences of your climate, planting goals, and maintenance requirements.

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