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Wood and stone structures, along with other architectural features in your yard enhance your home, adding visual interest and useful outdoor spaces. A number of materials and structures can be used to complement the style of your home suit your lifestyle.

Do I Need Hardscape Service for My Yard?

Hardscape projects include adding a patio, walk, retaining wall, fireplace, or other structural feature to your yard. Installing hardscape requires knowledge of construction and landscaping, as well tools and equipment to build and install structures and yard features. Professional landscape and building contractors have the skills and tools to build hardscape elements safely and efficiently.

What Are the Benefits of Hardscape Services?

Hardscape provides a number of benefits, from defining borders and planting beds to preventing erosion and establishing recreation and entertainment areas around your home. Professional installation of your hardscape helps ensure that elements are designed to suit your home and landscaping, and are built to last.

How Much of My Yard Needs Hardscaping?

The purpose and scale of your hardscape installation will help determine how much of your yard will be involved. Walkways and patios can be extensive projects, while borders and garden structures may be limited to smaller areas. When adding hardscape elements, be sure to balance new designs with existing features so the overall character of your yard is consistent and appealing.

What Type of Hardscape Service Do I Want?

Hardscape services range from building decks and patios to installing driveways, adding garden structures and fountains, constructing garden beds, and building stone walls and swimming pools. The type of contractors needed for your project may vary, since many trades involved in hardscape are very specialized. Depending on your choices, you may work with a mason, carpenter, landscaper or other professionals to complete the job.

How Long Does a Hardscape Service Take?

Some hardscape installations take only a few hours, such as placing a pre-built arbor or building a simple, raised planting bed. Patios, walkways, and rock walls may take several hours or days to build, depending on their size and the materials used. If your hardscape installation involves a number of elements and materials, the entire project may span several weeks, depending on the season and scale of the project.

What Tools Are Needed for Hardscape Services?

Since a wide variety exists in hardscape options, the tools for your job will vary with the nature of the project and the materials used. Large jobs may require machinery to prepare the site for construction, and a number of hand and power tools may be used to build your hardscape such as levels, saws, drills, shovels, rakes, mallets, a concrete mixer, and tamper.

Do Hardscape Services Have Any Hidden Charges?

Excavation and foundation work are generally planned as part of your hardscape project, but if your contractor has difficulty digging or finds inadequate soil at your site, extra time, materials, or equipment may be needed to build a sufficient foundation, create proper pitch, or provide adequate drainage. The added effort to address these important concerns may increase project costs.

How Much Do Hardscape Services Cost?

Since hardscape services can incorporate a wide variety of materials and trades, prices range from $118 to $1650 across the country. Our Hardscape Service Price Guide can help you discern how the features of your yard will affect the cost of your hardscape installation, while your designer and contractor can help you choose materials and features that will enhance your property.

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