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Home Theater Installation

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Who doesn’t want the excitement of the movies in the comfort of home? You can install a basic system that gives you access to movies, sports networks and much more, or you can opt for a full-fledged private cinema complete with dedicated furniture. Whereas you can install a smaller system yourself, installation of top-quality media equipment is a job for pros.

Do I Need a Home Theater System?

A home theater system can double as a media center, and in our interconnected world, that’s not just a luxury. A fast internet connection keeps you in touch with your work -- as well as with loved ones -- and when it’s time to relax, all the best movies and entertainment channels are at your fingertips. A top-quality viewing system helps you get the most out of work time, as well as your time off.

What Are the Benefits of Professional Installation?

Professionals are trained to understand the intricacies of high-quality home theater equipment and the complications involved with connecting and tuning it. Moreover, they have the equipment and know-how needed to run wires behind walls and install the electrical devices you need to make the equipment work.

What Type of Home Theater System Do I Need?

If you just want to be able to stream movies and watch network TV, you may just need a flat-screen TV and a cable connection. If you’re looking for more, you may want to include a Blu-Ray player for high-quality movie viewing, a sound system, a 65-inch HD television screen and a gaming system.

How Long Does Installation Take?

The amount of time a home theater installation takes depends on the scope of the installation, the quality of the system and availability of suitable plug-in points. A small system can be installed in a few hours while a larger one that requires extensive design and functionality modifications to your house may take one or two days.

What Materials Are Required for Home Theater Installation?

Most home theater components come with their own mounting systems, and you can install these with basic tools, including a drill, screwdriver, hammer and saw. Installation of larger systems could call for a variety of carpentry and electrical tools, depending on what’s involved. You may have to purchase some of the cables you need separately.

Does Home Theater Installation Have Any Hidden Charges?

Before installers set up your equipment, they will check for the outlets and cable connections and advise you when any are needed. You may have to hire an electrician to install the wiring for them. You may also have to modify your walls or cabinets before the installers can mount the equipment for large systems. Once the equipment is in place, you’ll have to open a contract with a service provider if you want to stream media or use the internet.

How Much Does Home Theater Installation Cost?

The cost to install the wiring for a home theater system -- including connection, speaker and electrical wires, can cost anywhere from $530 to $900. Installation of the system itself depends on the number of components, as well as their size and complexity. A basic system may cost around $150 whereas a complex one could cost as much as $800, which includes mounting the components, tuning the system and setting up the audio. A high-end home cinema system, complete with seating, starts at around $40,000. To learn more, see our Home Theater Installation Cost Guide.

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