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House Cleaning Service

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Coming home to a clean house is much more satisfying than coming home to a laundry list of chores to finish by dinner. Having your home professionally cleaned can give you back your freedom, peace of mind and will guarantee that the list of chores is always complete.

Do I Need My House Professionally Cleaned?

Cleaning an entire home on your own can be tiring, costly, and stressful, leading you to put in less effort halfway through the task just to get it over with. Even your toughest messes won’t stand a chance against professionals, so hiring a cleaning service will ensure your home is cleaned thoroughly from top to bottom.

What Are The Benefits of a House Cleaning Service?

The benefits of choosing professionals means all those hard-to-reach areas of your home finally get the attention they need. Professional house cleaning services can alleviate your stress by completing more work in half the time, without costing a fortune. The best part about hiring professionals is that they are available anytime and can even help transform your home prior to a special event, or before those last minute guests arrive.

What Types of House Cleaning Services Are Available?

There are several different types of housekeeping services available based on the homeowner’s preferences. You have the option to set up weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly cleanings which entails a detailed, thorough cleaning of your home, bathroom, bedroom, dining area, laundry area, and kitchen. You can also work with a company to create a rotating schedule based on your specific needs or areas that need to be cleaned more often than others. There is also the option of hiring someone for a one-time service fee to clean your home before an event or special occasion if you’re in a time crunch.

How Long Does a House Cleaning Take?

A house cleaning can vary in how long it takes to finish based on the size of the home, how often it is cleaned, the services requested and the number of people sent to complete the job. If you simply need a specific area of your home spruced up, it could take as little as an hour to do. Before a home is cleaned, you will often be quoted with an estimate of both cost and time based on the above criteria.

What Materials Are Needed to Clean a Home?

House cleaning services will almost always provide their own equipment and cleaning supplies for each job. You do not have to supply anything in order to complete the home cleaning unless you require specific products to be used or have sensitivities to chemicals that need to be avoided.

Do House Cleanings Have Any Hidden Charges?

Companies price their housekeeping services differently and fees may change depending on how often your home is cleaned. If you decide on routine cleaning based on a fixed schedule, you can expect to pay less than if you were to hire someone sporadically. You should also be aware of additional fees for specialty services like fireplace cleaning, window cleaning and anything requiring heavy lifting.

What Are the Average House Cleaning Services Prices?

The square footage of your home, the number of pets (if any), and the frequency to which your home is cleaned should be considered in the total house cleaning cost of the job. If you choose to have your home cleaned on a weekly basis as opposed to monthly, you could end up paying a lower rate of $91 to $171 and will have a cleaner home to show for it. To learn more, see our price guide on House Cleaning Service Costs.

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