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Interior Painting

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Painting the interior of a room or your entire home is a relatively simple way to freshen its appearance or change its décor. A qualified painting contractor can provide thorough, efficient services that make your home shine - with minimal mess and hassle.

Do I Need a Professional to Paint My Home's Interior?

Professional painters are trained and equipped to properly prep your walls, ceilings, and trim for paint, and apply it quickly, neatly, and evenly. Painters also can mask and protect other surfaces very effectively, preventing damage to furnishings, fixtures, and trim. Additionally, professional paint contractors have the skills and tools to reach high ceilings safely, and use high quality tools to apply your finish. The quality of a professional paint job is recognizable, and trusting the job to a professional painting contractor can ensure the job is done quickly, safely, and to a high standard.

What Are the Benefits of Painting Home Interiors Regularly?

Over time, interior paint can seem to lose its luster or become harder to effectively clean. Painted patches on blemishes and scratches may not blend well with wall paint that has been exposed for a long time, and general wear and tear can cause paint to look dingy and tired. Regularly painting interior walls and ceilings can keep them looking fresh and clean, and provide a smooth surface that is easier to wash and maintain.

How Many Rooms Need to Be Painted?

When hiring a painting contractor, consider how many rooms of your home need painting, and whether only walls, or ceiling and trim need attention. Since standard equipment is used to prepare a work site and apply most paint finishes, it may be cost effective for your painter to handle multiple rooms at once rather than come and set up several times.

What Types of Paint Are Available for My Home's Interior?

Two types of paint are available for interior applications, smooth and durable oil-based paints, and lower-VOC latex paints which dry faster and are easier to clean up. Latex paints are used in most residential settings, though the hard finish of oil-based paints makes them desirable for many trims, floors, and furnishings. Five basic finish options identify the sheen and hardness of paints, with matte finishes having the least sheen, hiding imperfections in walls and ceilings, but being hardest to clean. Eggshell and satin finishes provide more reflection and a smoother surface for easier cleaning, while semi and high-gloss paints provide the highest amount of sheen and durability.

How Long Does Household Interior Painting Take?

The walls of a modest-sized room can be prepped and painted within a few hours. Adding trim and ceilings to the job may add a few hours, depending on the details of the work, such as whether different colors or types of paint are used. Projects that are larger, need extensive prep work, or have complex specifications will require more time to complete.

What Materials Are Required For an Interior Painting Job?

Painting contractors use tape, drop cloths, and plastic sheeting to protect your home and belongings from paint, and apply paint with a number of tools. Brushes, rollers, and sprayers are commonly used with ladders and staging as needed. In addition to the paint you select, painters may use spackle or joint compound to repair damage, and apply primer before painting.

How Much Does an Interior Painting Job Cost?

The size and specifications of your painting job will influence prices, which typically range from $450 to $15,550 in the U.S. Your contractor can help you determine the best materials and approach for your job, and can plan for the level of preparation that will be needed to make your new paint job flawless.

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