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Landscape Design

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A professionally designed landscape can make the difference between a well-kept yard and an extraordinary outdoor living space. Landscape design plans are customized to suit your home, style, and location, and can be implemented by design-build contractors or used by the landscape contractor of your choice.

Do I Need Landscape Design Services?

The landscaping around your home is a reflection of its character and an extension of your living area. Whether you have a specific goal in mind for the space, or need guidance to make the most of your property, a professional landscape architect or designer can help you plan everything from hardscapes and structures to trees, shrubs, and flowering plants.

What are the Benefits of Professional Landscape Design?

A professional landscape design can incorporate everything from drainage and irrigation to pools, patios, masonry, fencing, trees, and ornamental plants. Your designer can help select and plan elements that complement your home and are suitable for your lifestyle, climate, and space so that your entire yard has an integrated scheme with structures and plantings in proper density and scale for your landscape. Additionally, a thorough design plan can simplify pricing and completing landscape work, since the details of the job can be specified in advance for contractors. Many landscape design firms also provide budgeting, construction, and project management services to simplify your installation.

How Much of My Yard Needs a Landscape Design?

Though you may be tempted to focus your landscape design on the front of your home, it is important to apply a theme over all areas of your yard. While curb appeal can certainly improve the appearance of your home, a design that omits more secluded spots can place your landscaping out of balance and leave you relaxing and entertaining in your home’s least appealing outdoor areas. As you consider your landscape design, consider the overall use of your yard to come up with a practical, yet fully integrated plan.

What Types of Landscape Design Services and Styles Exist?

Landscape design firms develop plans for plantings as well as hardscapes and furnishings, and may simply provide designs or offer contracting and installation services as well. A number of established landscape styles exist that can be customized or built upon to suit your tastes and maintenance requirements. Depending on the characteristics of your lot and location, your design could be influenced by such styles as formal, casual, tropical, traditional, coastal, English, Mediterranean, desert, Asian, contemporary, or xeriscape.

How Long Does Landscape Design Take?

The planning aspect of your landscape design may take several weeks and should be done well in advance of installation. Since the design process is a creative one, it may take extensive consultation to settle on a plan that suits you. The installation process of landscape design may also take several weeks or even months, depending on the scope of the project, planting seasons, and permit or construction requirements.

What Materials are Needed for Landscape Design Services?

Landscape designers take very precise measurements of your property to specify grade changes and draft the placement of soft and hardscape elements. Plans and blueprints are developed using traditional methods or with computerized tools. The actual installation of landscape features may involve tools that range from rakes to excavators and include materials from lumber and topsoil to tile and masonry.

Does Landscape Design Have Any Hidden Charges?

Landscape design services are generally provided for an established amount, either a flat rate that may be based on the size and characteristics of your lot, or an hourly consultation rate with a minimum fee. The implementation of the design is more subjective, but can usually be estimated accurately prior to the start of work.

How Much Does Landscape Design Cost?

Prices for landscape design service vary by location and with the caliber of design firms, ranging from $442 to $5039 in the U.S. Your architect or designer can address how the specific features of your property and project will influence the complexity and expense of the design process. To learn more, see our Landscape Design Cost Guide.

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