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Landscape Grading

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Landscape grading is an important element in construction and outdoor projects, providing the basis for foundations, drainage, and landscape features. An earthwork or landscape contractor can help you plan proper grading for your project.

Do I Need Landscape Grading For My Yard?

If water does not drain properly away from your home, or if you are building a structure or creating new landscape elements, grading is necessary to prepare the land for your project. Grading should be completed by a professional contractor with the skills and equipment to make changes appropriate for your project and soil type.

What Are the Benefits of Landscape Grading?

Landscape grading can improve drainage around your home to prevent basement flooding and structural damage, and provides the essential basis for foundations, decks, patios, and driveways. Grading can also be used to sculpt the landscape around your home to improve access, accommodate gardens and plantings, and create visual interest.

How Much of My Yard Requires Landscape Grading?

The extent of grading needed depends on the project at hand. Correcting drainage issues may only require work on one or two sides of your house, while preparing for a new structure, driveway, or landscape alterations may involve a large portion of your yard.

What Types of Landscape Grading Can Be Used?

Grading can serve a number of purposes for your yard and home, but the primary goals of landscape grading are to remove, add, or relocate material for a specific purpose. Projects that involve removing material may include digging for a foundation, pool or pond, while material may be added for drainage, driveway, and landscaping projects. All grading jobs require relocating some material, but site leveling is a common project that involves moving existing material.

How Long Does a Landscape Grading Service Take?

The type and size of your grading project will influence the amount of time needed for it. Most small-scale drainage and landscaping jobs can be completed within a few days, while foundation or pool preparation, driveways, and substantial landscaping changes may take a week or more.

What Tools Are Required for Landscape Grading?

Most grading work is done with machinery, the size of which may vary with the size of your property and project. Large excavators and bulldozers are often used with skid steers and other machines for a number of applications, while small jobs or those on lots with limited space may call for compact equipment, tractors and skid steers to complete the job efficiently. Your contractor may use hand tools as needed, and a laser level to measure grades throughout the project.

Does a Landscape Grading Service Have Any Hidden Charges?

Pricing for grading jobs is usually based on the amount of time that equipment is expected to run and how much material will be added to or removed from the site. A thorough assessment of your project and location can help your contractor estimate for the job, but if soil conditions or design issues require more material than expected to be added or removed, transportation and material requirements can increase costs.

How Much Does a Landscape Grading Service Cost?

Landscape grading services cover a wide array of projects, the scale and location of which affect national prices that can range from $500 to $5,000 or more. A number of projects are discussed in our Landscape Grading Price Guide, along with topics you can address with your contractor as you plan and budget for your project.

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