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Lawn Seeding

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Create a natural defense barrier against weeds and insects with professional lawn seeding. Taking proactive steps to maintain your lawn now helps to improve its overall health, density and appearance for seasons to come.

Does My Yard Need a Lawn Seeding Service?

Seeding your new or existing lawn is one of the easiest ways to produce a lush blanket of grass for a vibrant, healthy appearance. Dry, patchy and discolored grass is commonly caused by damage from weeds, insects and disease. Put an end to your diminishing landscape and take control by having a professional seed your lawn for long-lasting effects.

What Are the Benefits of a Lawn Seeding Service?

Lawn seeding helps to improve the look and feel of your yard, whether it’s a small patch or the entire landscape. Lawn seeding also eliminates harmful contaminants such as weeds, disease, and insects from deteriorating your grass by using professional techniques and quality seeds during the process. You will notice a considerable difference in the fullness and density of your new lawn after being treated and maintained by a certified landscaper.

How Much of Much of My Lawn Needs Seeding?

When the majority of your lawn is in good condition, and only the high-traffic areas seem to be a problem for you, then maintain those zones with a quick spot seeding. On the other hand, when grass appears to be severely destroyed, your lawn may require a total renovation. Your grass and soil will be assessed by a trained professional prior to any lawn seeding service to reveal the underlying issues causing damage to your yard.

What Types of Lawn Seeding Services Are Available?

Spot seeding, overseeding and total lawn renovation are the most common services available. Spot seeding is often done in areas like footpaths and along sidewalk or driveway edges. If there are signs of yard pests, a professional will always treat the area with an herbicide prior to seeding the targeted zones. Overseeding is another service that encourages denser growth over a wider area of your lawn. Seeds are scattered abundantly across the yard and then aerated, for this speeds up the germination process and allows roots to grow deeper for rapid results. If you begin to notice that water no longer penetrates the grass, then a complete lawn renovation may also be necessary. This type of seeding is accomplished by either removing the damaged sod altogether, removing the thatch or by slice seeding. Slice seeding works best because it breaks though the layer of thatch and drives the seeds into the soil for better saturation.

How Long Does a Lawn Seeding Service Take?

Lawn seeding can take 4 to 6 hours to complete depending on the square footage, amount of damage, local climate, and the type of grass being treated. Before any seeding begins, you must first prep your new or existing lawn by testing the soil and removing any weeds, rocks or debris from the yard. Smaller areas that only require spot seeding will need to be prepped as well, but should take less than two hours from start to finish.

What Tools Are Used By a Lawn Seeding Service?

In order to properly seed your lawn, the job requires the use of a shovel, rake, hoe, rotary tiller, high quality seed, mulch and water. Special tools and equipment will also be used for extensive sod and thatch removal, and are provided by the company.

Do Lawn Seeding Services Have Any Hidden Charges?

A professional landscaper assesses and evaluates exactly what services are required for your yard before beginning any project. They create a customized plan to accommodate your lawn’s needs, therefore eliminating any hidden charges associated with this service.

How Much Does a Lawn Seeding Service Cost?

You will notice that not all lawn seeding services cost the same and vary based on criteria such as square footage, local climate, and required materials. Whether you’re planting a new lawn or invigorating your existing landscape, lawn seeding is a cost-effective approach to creating a beautiful outdoor space. Average prices can range from the low end of $200 to an upwards of $800 for a complete lawn seeding service.

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